Chandra Nandini 7 January 2021: Dadi walks in and says dharma is so right and gets gifts for Nandini and says your son Bindusara is marrying and his mother should dress accordingly and so this is all for you,Nandini says but how can I accept,it’s of Queen Nandini,dadi says and which means it’s you,Chandra stood for you,now please for me get ready,dadi and dharma dress Nandini.

Pooja begins,Nandini walks in queens outfit,she walks to Chandra and says dadi ma asked me to do so and for her,Chandra says I welcome you on behave of my family and since you were away from us let me introduce you to all. Helina says Apma ma,why isn’t Chandra understanding he is making fool of himself,Panditji says as per ritual rajmata should perform her arti and welcome her,mora walks disheartened and performing arti,Bindusara walks in funeral clothes,all shocked,Chandra asks where are your wedding outfits,Bindusara says I’m here to perform my dead mothers shok,she didn’t die till death but today she died in true sense, when you allowed her murderer back in life,Panditji begin the rituals,Panditji doesn’t, so Bindusara begins it on his own.

Chandra says so this is what you want,Bindusara says you hurted my mothers soul,Chandra says before your mother she was my wife and more than that my friend,she knew me very well,these nuts In my hand were your mothers favourite and I always carry them with me this makes me feel as if she is around me,I was like a open book to her,she was my only friend and remember she was my most favourite and will always be,and looks at Durdharas sketch and says he thinks I don’t love you,but know one can take your place,he thinks Nandini killed you,but you told Nandini to take place Of his ma after you,and she did so,I hope you were here so we would try convince him.

Helina says since Bindusara is hurt,I think we should postpone the wedding,Chandra says Helina you raised Bindusara ,you gave him these teachings,he listens to you and so go tell him,this wedding will take place and yes if Bindusara doesn’t arrive, he doesn’t know who killed his mother,and I shall tell him who killed his mother and it’s Apma,and I was quite till now but not anymore,so go do your thing,we all will be waiting for you.

The wedding rituals arrangements begin, Bindusara in his room,drinking and is very hurt,Helina walks to him and says what nonsense is this,it’s your wedding day, I know you are hurt,your father has married when he should think about you,I tried asking him to postpone the wedding but he is the king,and I don’t want any more problems,I feel your pain and it’s hard for you,to have that lady in front of you on your happy day,and so come let’s get going.

Bindusara places his head on Helinas laps and says why badi ma why is pitahshree so selfish,he doesn’t understand our pain,Helina says it’s all Nandini not Chandra,Bindusara says this is why I hate love,Helina says yes yes I understand your pain but for your badi ma come it’s your wedding day and Helina ignores him and leaves,Bindusara burns in anger,dasi gets in and says we are here to dress you for wedding,Bindusara shatters everything.Chanakya walks to Chandra and says things that happened today wasn’t good,I’m telling you as a father,and not guru,these differences between you two are very bad,you challenged him on his wedding day,why,Chandra says this is not my foolishness,poor Bindusara knows only about attacking,he isn’t ready to be a king,he needs to learn to feel people’s pain and for which he needs to fall in love.

Bindusara burning in Nandini hatred and drinking. Chandra says Bindusara needs to learn lot of lessons,and only then he can be crowned,and don’t you remember even I use to say I don’t believe in love and then Nandini came into my life and she made me a king in true sense and so Bindusara will be turned to a good person only when he falls in love,only love can transform him.

Chanakya says I wish he falls in love with women he is marrying,Chandra says I have learnt love isn’t planned and when we fall into it,it’s the best thing and you don’t even realise.

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