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Chandra 15 January 2021: Chandra update Friday 15TH January 2021, Nandini says what Chitra is forced for wedding, I should talk to her parents, dharma says ma Chitra has tried everything,and nothing worked,and we have only one option,if binudsara denies then we can help Chitra,Nandini says you are right I will talk to binudsara,dharma says ma he is stubborn,talk to maharaj Chandragupta,Nandini says I agree binudsara is rude but he is very soft from inside.

Nanidni goes to Bindusara and tells him about Chitra and Bhadra,Bindusara gets very angry Nandini says for now let’s think about Chitra and not our differences,Chitra loves Bhadra and wants to marry him,binudsara gets very angry as Bhadra has already replaced him,Nandini says they are love birds don’t separate them,Bindusara says enough you are just a liar,you act like you care for me but just want me to make fool of myself,you doing this so that people will think I denied Chitra and Bhadra will say yes and he will be the saviour and all will point at me and blame me.nanidnis says you taking me wrong.

Bindusara says this is a political wedding,you also had a political wedding,and I will also marry Chitra and this love is useless,emotions make a person week as my father has become,and I won’t say no to Chitra,Nandini says I will go against you but stop this wedding and leaves.nandini leaves and Apma hears everything and says if Nandini stops this marriage,Elis and Kartikeya wedding will be Dangered too, let me talk to Helina.

Adornus in front of guest says Bindusara bhaiya won’t run this time,guest ask what he is running away,Helina says he is just kidding and takes him aside and says learn to judge the situation and who asked you to leave Bindusara alone go to him.

Chandra asks Helina,where is Nandini,Helina says I don’t know,all I know this time I don’t want any drama,Chandra says she wasn’t the reason,it was Bindusara and the way you brought him up his reactions,but as now he knows the truth there won’t be any drama,Helina thinks not really,he knows the truth I told him.

Helina meets Apma and says what Nandini wants to stop this drama,if Bindusara wedding is stopped even Elis will be dangered,do a thing go stop Nandini and till then I will finish up with Chitra wedding,Apma says but she left to meet Chandra,Helina says I don’t know just go stop her.

Chandra 15 January 2021: Dharma with Chitra,Chitra is called for wedding,Chitra hands dhrama her wedding outfit,dharma asks why are you doing this,Chitra says I don’t have any other option,dhrama says we don’t need to do this please understand,Chitra we both know Bindusara won’t listen to queen Nandini he hates her, I’m not asking you to marry Bindusara just wear this and be seated and I will run away and when someone cal,s for wedding then tell them the truth,look I’m not as great as you are to give away love.

Chitra says yes dharma I know about you and bhaiya,and I cant do like you two,so please help me,I cant live without Bhadra,and if I marry binudsara I shall die I will commit suicide,dharma says please don’t say this,Chitra says then just wear this and be seated and I will leave,and reach Bhadra , please for me,and when someone will come for wedding then you tell the truth about me,dharma says I cant please,Chitra says for the sake of love you have on Kartikeya bhaiya dharma accepts, Chitra hugs her and leaves.

Helina goes to Bindusara,Helina says we are late quickly,adornus says but ma Panditji didn’t call him,Bindusara says adornus never back answer ma,Helina says let’s go. Apma sees Nandini in corridor,and acts unaware and then acts as if she is very giddy,Nandini calls dasi,Apma says no no take me to my room,my medicine,Nandini says okay and takes her to her room thinking I have to see maharaj and tell about Chitra before it’s too late.

Helina says adornus take Bindusara to mandap,Helina follows a girl and sees it’s Chitra and says oh no she cant run,Helina sees dhrama in wedding outfit in chitras room,Apma tells Nandini about her medicine bottle,Nandini says it isn’t here,Apma says I forgot where it is please look near by,Nandini sees dasi and calls them in and says look after her she is ill and says I’m sorry I have to see maharaj and leaves,Apma asks the dasi to leave,Helina walks in,and Apma says Nandini left I couldn’t stop I’m sorry,Helina says ma I saw dhrama in wedding outfit,Apma asks where is Chitra,he,Ina says she ran away,and starts laughing,Apma says what is so funny,Helina says calm down ma,now binudsara will marry dhrama,and she will be under our control now,so let this wedding take place,and I need your help ma,write a letter for me.

Chandra 15 January 2021 update: Nandini walks to Chandra and dadi stops her,Chandra sees her and thinks now I shall make you long for me. Nandini walks to Chandra and says it’s important,Chandra keeps ignoring and troubling her.


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