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Chandra 11 January 2021: Bindusara drunk walks to dharma and holds dharma tight and says look into my eyes,you said I won’t flee the pain after I marry but look in my eyes the pain the tears, Bindusara slips and falls over dharma and both on bed,dharma pushes him and sees Bindusara is unconscious and says oh no he is in my room,it’s his first night and he is with me he should be with Charumati, dharma looks out and says if someone sees him with me,it would be very bad,Charumati wakes up heavy headed and calls out Bindusara,and says it’s our first night where are you, Charumati gets out of the room and starts looks for Bindusara,and asks guards where is he, Guard says he is with dharam,Charumati gets very angry and walks towards dharmas room, and knocks the door,dharma says God who it is,Charumati says open the door I know you are inside,dharma opens the door scared.

Charumati sees Bindusara sleeping on bed and walks in,and starts laughing,and says he is in your room,he found you in this whole mahal and looks straight at dharma and says I’m a princess and I know how kings behave and I’m not surprised seeing him here, I know his nature,I’m his childhood friend,but today was my first night and you tried spoiling it,you wanted to sleep with him and slaps dharma,dharma says you are mistaken,Charumati says I can see everything,he can never be yours,just by applying his name in Mehndi he won’t be yours, dharma says I’m sorry to interrupt you but I’m not interested in him,especially he who doesn’t respect women ,he is your husband please look after him,Charumati says I was waiting for this day since so Long and I will never forget it and never forgive you for this and leaves.

Chandra asks Nandini all good,Nandini says I’m just finding it hard to sleep,Chandra says I have a solution I shall sing for you,Nandini starts laughing,and says sorry I shouldn’t have laughed,Chandra says I felt good to see you laugh and I’m not joking,Nandini says how will you,Chandra says I can cmon lie down,Chandra starts singing his childhood song,Nandini says maharaj I hear a ladies voice too in my mind,Chandra says it’s yours, go to sleep your sleepy,Nandini falls asleep.

Chandra 11 January 2021: Angry dharma walks to Bindusara and throws water on his face,Bindusara wakes up pushes her on wall and says how dare you,and what are you doing in my room,dharma says you are in my room and not me,Charumati is waiting for you but you are here drunk,your wife came here looking for you and insulted me,why are you here just because I helped you once,doesn’t mean I will always welcome you,Bindusara says I hate you too,I came here because I’m drunk and dare you use that tone again,I wont spare you then.

Chandra explaining shlokas,to tirotima and asks her its menacing,she says I forgot,Nandini says tirotima let me explain and explains the meaning,Chandra says she always had interests in all these,she taught me all these shlokas,tirotima leaves,Chandra says if you aren’t Nandini how do you know the meaning,Nandini says baba taught me these,and performs his morning aarti,and leaves,Chandra says how do I help you memorise your past.

Nandini walks to Helina and Charumati,Helina says I need your help,Nandini says how can I,Helina says you are a queen to so you need to get used to all these,it’s about last night and about,about a prince princess and Dasi,Nandini asks who are you pointing at.

Chitra asks Elis tell me what’s your gift,Elis says you will know when your bhaiya will be gifting you and I will be with him,Chitra asks are you serious you are marrying him and I’m So happy for you and hugs her. Dharma walks in,Nandini says dharma Charumati says she saw you were with Bindusara last night,dharma says ma actually, Nandini says just tell me yes or no,speak up,dharma says yes ma he was with me in my room,Nandini gets angry and slaps her,adornus passing bye hides and sneaks in,Nandini keeps slapping her,and hurts her hand,dharma says ma please don’t hurt your self, please hear me,its true he was with me but and tells her the whole scene,Charumati says liar, I know what she was up to,she wanted to sleep with my husband on my night,Helina says calm down and now Bindusara will explain us the rest and asks dasi to call Bindusara.

Chandra 11 January 2021 update: Adornus tells Bindusara that dharma was slapped 4 times,Bindusara asks who slapped and why,adornus says Nandini ma,and I think it was 5 and even Charumati slapped one,Dasi informs Bindusara Helina is waiting for him. Bindusara walks to them,Helina says yes Bindusara tell us the truth of last night,because she says you with dharma and you went by yourself,Bindusara says no ma I didn’t go to get room.


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