Chandra update Tuesday 26 January 2021 On Atinka TV


Chandra 26 January 2021: Chandra Tuesday 26th January 2021, Nandini asks what is this,did anything happen,Mohini says its mine,Nandini asks maharaj what is this lady doing here,Mohini say sits time to reveal the truth and please don’t stop me,and says I was here to plead him to release you,I cant see bheemdev in pain anymore,Chandra says but she is my Nandini and not Savitri.

Nandini asks why hide then,Mohini says because it’s not correct time and others may take it wrong,and so while hiding I hurt my hand,Nandini asks maharaj is she telling the truth,Chandra says yes,Nandini asks Mohini to leave,Mohini leaves and Nandini says you know I’m yours,then why this,I don’t like their presence please solve this and ask bheemdev and Mohini to leave Magad and she leaves. Mohini says we just saved.

Gurudev says now the mission is to kill Chanakya,and if you two fail, I will kill you,Chanakya is my biggest hurdle,Chandragupta will be handled by bheemdev and Mohini but Chanakya he is very smart and till he is alive,Chandragupta can never be dethroned, so kill Chanakya, I want to see him dead,get his dead body to me.

Mohini to bheemdev says don’t forget Chanakya is here if he finds about us it will be all finished then,Mohini says why don’t you kill Chandra when in Chandras body and it will be like a suicide,bheemdev slaps Mohini and says use your brains then even my soul will be trapped,and now we will use Nandinis hatred for you,we will plot that you and Chandra are in affair,Mohini says good plot,this affair news kills a women,and Nandini will be torn in pain.

Bindusara working out,ladies watching him and says his wives are so lucky,dharma walks to him,and ladies say look she is in his dupatta,Bindusara hears this and cuts dharmas way,dhrama asks why are you in my way Bindusara,Bindusara says it’s my dupatta take it off,she sees ladies watching and says how can I remove dupatta here,this is not the right time,and I won’t remove,Bindusara lights the dupatta,mora puts it off,and says stop it you two,no one will be advantageous with this hatred get it Bindusara,he leave sin anger,mora says he looks stubborn but isn’t in actual,he had a tough childhood,he lost durdhara and Nandini and so this pain.

Bhadra takes nanidnis blessing and thanks Nandini,Nandini says don’t take him wrong he had a motto behind it,Bhadra says I know, I’m just worried he never behaved this way,Nandini say sits just stress,Bhadra says mamishree if my other would be alive she would be just like you,like even I had asked Chitra not to talk to you but she,Nandini says she is your wife and so she did this for your happiness and your happiness is in Magad,Nandini sees Mohini go to Chandras room.bhadra says I will take your leave,Nandini sees Chandra as bheemdev approach Mohini and both hug each other,Nandini shocked,Chandra asks is she walking,Mohini hugs him tight and says yes she is and with jealousy,Nandini thinks maharaj cant of this I have to talk to him,after Nandini leaves,Chandra says you can go,Mohini says I want to be with you,Chandra says go.

Chandra says Nandini I have headache please help,Nandini asks where is she where have you hidden her,Chandra asks what’s wrong,Nandini says Mohini,you two where hugging so tight,Chandra say sits mental stress I think,I was alone,Nandini in tears says I wasn’t imagining come with me I have proof,and take shim to bheemdev and Mohini and asks Mohini where you not with Chandra,Mohini says no I was with bheemdev,Nandini says stop lying I saw you with my own eyes,Mohini says Savitri,and looks at bheemdev and says you trust her ok slap me, I accept I was very rude with her but,look at her, bheemdev I love you,and she is doing this to me,kill me instead.

Bheemdev says maharaj I’m just an ordinary man,please don’t do this to me,Nandini says you all are lying,Chandra says Nandini calm down,Nandini leaves in anger,Chandra follows her,Mohini hugs bheemdev and says I’m not lying I wasn’t with maharaj.

Dharma hears the two men sent by Gurudev discuss their plan to kill Acharya on the day of dashera,they see dhrama and follow her, and kidnap dhrama,they decide to put dharma in Ravan idol so that there secrete remains hidden also they don’t have to deal with dharma.

Nandini in her confusion,Mohini in her thoughts about being close to Chandra and says I’m loving this act,and says there’s something in Chandragupta,this is why all ladies are behind him,Mohini has lost her to him and so will have lot of fun.


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