Chandra 13 January 2021 update: Dharma walks away from Kartikeya and bindusara sees her and stops her and then goes towards her and asks her whether she has robbed something so she was running but she refuses by saying that she has a big treasure of knowledge so I don’t need to rob anything. He wipes her sweat and asks her why was she here because only males are allowed and not females. She stammers then immediately Kartikeya comes there and says that I’ve called her because my neck had some pain and I needed some massage so I called her and dharma only informed me that no females are allowed in this part of mahal. Bindusara tells him that now dharma is his wife’s dasi and not a lady from your praja so if you want any help you inform me then I’ll arrange another dasi for you.

Dharma then leaves and goes to nandinis room and finds that she is feeling nauseating and dharma asks her that whether she had been fasting for long life of maharaj then Nandini replies yes and when dharma asks that whether she has accepted that she is maharani Nandini then Nandini says yes and the dharma says she is really very happy.
When Helena comes to here that Nandini is fasting for Chandra then she immediately leaves fasting and starts eating the lunch and when apama comes and sees that Helena is having lunch and closes the door and advises her to add the few drops solution to nandinis water which Chandra is going to feed her.

Chandra 13 January 2021: When they reach their Helena purposely pushes nandini so that her glass full of water falls down and then she gives Nandini her own glass of water and when Chandra is about to feed her glass of water dasi says that bindusara has refused to come here then dadi says that if he don’t come here then charumatis first fast after marriage would remain incomplete then Nandini tells everyone that she will convince bindusara to come here and leaves for mahal.

When she reaches there she sees that bindusara is practising his weapon usage lessons and then she asks him to come with her and complete the rituals but he refuses then she says if I defeat you in sword fight you should come there and complete the rituals. After Nandini wins the fight everyone comes in and then bindusara performs the rituals and after that Chandra completes the rituals with Nandini. After this Chandra and Nandini goes in their room when Nandini is putting sindur on her forehead Chandra closes the door due to which she fumbles and all sindur falls on her face and body and then Chandra cleans it from nandinis body.

Chandra gets close to Nandini,Chandra steps back and says it’s cleaned,Nandini feels giddy,Chandra holds her and rests her on bed,and says let me call doctor,Nandini says no that’s not required I am just tried I will rest and will be fine soon,Nandini falls asleep.chandra sleeps in sofa.

Chandra 13 January 2021: Elis sees Kartikeya walk through corridors, and follows him,Kartikeya goes hugs dharma and says I came because we couldn’t complete last time,dharma pushes him,Kartikeya says dharma why dint you understand I cant do this,I cant marry Elis,elis hears this and runs away,Kartikeya says let’s go away from here,dhrama says he slets go away then what there will be war,Bindusara future Magad king,he will destroy everything for his sister,Kartikeya says don’t loose hope we shall talk to maharaj Chandragupta,dhrama says but Bindusara,and maharaj Chandragupta is the reason why my mother is Happy and if we run away she again will be in trouble and please for gods sake understand the situation forget me and Marty Elis.

Elis in tears,and walks into humam in anger and says I loved you a lot but you don’t and I cant see you with anyone and so I don’t want this life and she picks a knife and cuts her hand and says I love you Kartikeya and falls into walks in and sees Elis in water covered in blood and calls Helina.helina rushes to Elis,and asks dasi to get doctor,and says what have you done Elis and says the one who forced you do this I won’t spare him.

Nandini starts shouting in sleep and says don’t leave me,Nandini is dreaming about her accident,Chandra rushes to her and holds her hand and falls to sleep.and sleeps with her. Doctor says Elis is fine as wound was not deep,Apma says this news stays inside these walls and asks doctor to leave,and asks Helina what made her do this,Helina says I have given her everything she wants, how difficult it was for me to see her in that state I want to destroy everything,even I had done everything when malayketu had done and I have seen this madness in Elis too.

Elis wakes up and says I don’t want to live and walks straight to the knife in fruit basket,Apma and Helina stop her,Helina slaps her and says tell me what is it don’t do this,Elis says dharma took my love away from me,I don’t want to live anymore.bindusara sees dharma crying on staircase and starts laughing and says strange who made you cry I have to see that person,the daredevil dhrama is crying, I tried so hard but you never cried and see today someone made you cry,Bindusara is drunk,and says I feel so bad and not because you are crying but because it wasn’t me who made you cry, I want to be the reason behind your tears,and takes her at the edge and says what will you do now,die or face me,have alcohol,your pain will go away,

Dhrama says go away, I don’t need alcohol to deal with my pain,and I have an heart which has emotions and so I have tears unlike your heart which is filled just with hatred.bindusara pushes dharma and then holds her hand,and pulls her back and says you said you have right over your tears then why are you scared now and this is because I made you scared and these tears are mine,only I can give you pain,dharma leaves.

Helina says Elis I promise you,dhrama will never fall in between you and Kartikeya, Kartikeya shall marry only you,stop crying,we are Greek daughters and we don’t give life for such small things,we take lives,just ask for it and I shall give it to you,that Nandinis daughter won’t do same thing to you that Nandini did to me,I promise now go to sleep.

Apma says Helina how will this happen,Helina says I have a plan,just wait and watch. Nandini wakes us and finds Chandra resting his head on her hand and thinks why am I not awkward but want to be with him oh no but I have to leave before he wakes up,Nandini grabs a feather and teases Chandra and finds it very funny but Chandra instead of moving aside gets more close to Nandini. Chandra opens his eyes and Nandini shuts her eyes quickly, Chandra wakes up and says thank god I woke up before she does and goes back to sofa and lies down,Nandini wakes up, and sees marks on Chandras hand and says sorry maharaj how did this happen,Chandra says last night you had nightmare and you scratched me in fear and I slept with you whole ,Nandini says sorry but please don’t tell anyone about this you slept with me was fine and leaves,Chandra says she said fine don’t tell what did she mean.

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