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Chandra 20 January 2021 update: Bheemdev walks to Nandini in her room,and says you are just mine Savitri,Nandini asleep,he takes of her dupatta,Nandini wakes up and about to shout,bheemdev covers her mouth and says you are just mien and I’m here to take you awake with me,Chandra wakes up and realises it was a dream and says Nandini isn’t safe I have to check in her.

Bindusara walks to dharma and says you were right, your ma didn’t kill my mother because she isn’t Nandini,You came here, agreed to my proposal,so that you can use that lady as Nandini and then get into mahal,but I couldn’t see it,you made such big plot so that you can rule over Magad,but you must have not dreamt that her husband would come back and spoil your game,dharma says look me and Queen Nandini knew nothing about this,Bindusara says she isn’t Nandini,dharma says it’s of no use talking to you,you are covered in hatred,dharma about to leave Bindusara says stop you are here to serve me as my dasi get me alcohol,dhrama says I’m tired I’m gonna rest and I’m not getting you alcohol,Bindusara says go get me alcohol or else,dhrama says what you will kill me go ahead and hands him sword, Bindusara doesn’t attack,dharma says I knew you wouldn’t kill me so easily, you will trocher me to death.

Chitra and Bhadra together,Chitra says is it possible that there is possibility of people looking similar,Bhadra says yes,Chitra says so is she not maharani Nandini,Bhadra says if mamashree says she is Nandini,then she is and why do we feel the closeness when she is around. Mora says to dadi, may be bheemdev isn’t lying,she isn’t Nandini and how can someone be alive after falling form such height,Nandini is dead she is Savitri,dadi says but her behaviour is so similar to Nandini,mora says this should be sorted quickly,dadi says my Chandra is back to life since she is here,and I don’t want him to collapse again.

Helina says I have to take advantage of this situation,if I help that man prove that she isn’t Nandini,all will be back again as I wanted,Helina walks to a box. Nandini wakes up and sees someone approaching and gets alert and hides with a knife,Nandini about to attack finds its Chandra,Chandra hugs her,Nandini closes the door and says you shouldn’t be here. Helina gets a drug and says it’s time to increase the drug dosage. Elis walks in happy and says ma I’m so happy,Kartikeya has decided to give our relationship a chance,Helina says I’m so happy for you,didn’t I tell you our plan will work.and then thinks now soon Nandini will be kicked out of Magad too.

Dharma sleeps on Bindusara bed,he says this is mine,dhrama says you spoilt my bed and so I shall sleep on yours.Bindusara says you cant,and both get into argument and fall down,and look into each other,both get up,dhrama says if you won’t leave,I shall,and tries to open the door,Bindusara starts laughing and says oh no worries and throws blanket on her and says you can sleep in floor,dhrama throws the blanket and sleeps on floor.

Nandini says why are you here.chandra says I had a nightmare so I’m here,Nandini says are you suspicious,Chandra says forget that but look at you,you are so scared,Nandini says I’m fine but the thing is the rule is I shouldn’t be with you or him and if others find you are with me,Chandra says the rule isn’t for us,the door is knocked Chandra hides,Nandini opens the door and sees bheemdev.

Dhrama shivering due to coldness,Bindusara looks at her and goes to bed,he is unable to fall asleep due to dharma shiveringa nd says quite dhrama,dhrama says I’m not doing it purposely even I want to sleep but it’s so cold,bindisara says I don’t care just be quite and go to sleep,dhrama sits aside shivering,dharma faints.

Bheemdev walks in,Nandini says please leave this isn’t done,bheemdev gives her tamarinds and says don’t be sacred,I got you these,when we were newly wed,you use to force me get tamarinds and wouldn’t let me sleep all night till I use to get them,Nandini says thank you,you should go now,bheemdev says why don’t you trust me do you remember nothing,Nandini thinks is he really my husband I’m so confused.bheemdev sees footwear and walks to them thinking it’s Chandra,Chandra hides,bheemdev says I’m sorry but I was just being secured against you,Nandini says maharaj has made arrangements please leave now,bheemdev leaves and Nandini starts looking for Chandra.

Nandini sees Chandra hanging in balcony and says what are you doing hold my hand and gets him up and hugs him and says what if something would happen,Chandra says see you said you aren’t scared but your heart is beating is so fast,Nandini says no I’m not scared,Chandra says really and acts as if he is falling,Nandini hugs him back,Chandra says Nandini I was,Nandini says till I have sure about my identity I don’t want this.

Bheemdev walks to Mohini and says I was right,Chandra is just trying to divert us,they are together,Mohini says don’t worry,pranpratishta arrangements as Gurudev taught us are made,bheemdev says let’s test it.mohini begins the procedure..bheemdev faints,Mohini smiles and says I’m expert in this,and starts laughing.

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