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Scores will be settled as Chucky’s detestable arrangement works out as expected at a risky, public scene.

At Charles Lee Ray’s youth home, Junior and Chucky meet with Tiffany (having Jennifer Tilly’s body) and Chucky (having Nica Pierce’s body). Chucky clarifies that he wanted a blameless individual to transform into an executioner to respawn his religion. Junior killing his dad has rejuvenated the different Good Guy dolls Tiffany has gathered for Chucky’s sake. In any case, when Chucky ignores Tiffany, she kills the doll. Tiffany drugs Nica and gets ready to execute the last piece of her and Chucky’s arrangement. She booby traps the house with explosives prior to leaving.

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Andy shows up at the house and safeguards Devon. Nonetheless, Kyle goes into the house and winds up setting off the explosives, prompting an impact. The next morning, Lexy and Jake see the fresh insight about the blast and expect Devon is dead alongside Andy and Kyle. Be that as it may, Devon made due as he figured out how to get away from minutes before the impact. Jake and Devon rejoin.

At the town’s foundation screening of ‘Frankenstein,’ Chucky kills Lexy’s father and other crowd individuals, creating an upheaval. Behind the stage, Junior and Chucky attempt to persuade Lexy to go along with them. In any case, when Chucky undermines Lexy, Junior kills him and passes on simultaneously. In the lobby, Jake takes part in a fight with the other Chucky and kills him. The scene closes with Lexy, Jake, and Devon gathering at Junior’s grave to offer their appreciation.


Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 8

Episode Title: An Affair to Dismember (Season Finale)

Air Date: Nov 30, 2021

Language: English

Subtitle Language: English

Source: Chucky.S01E08.1080p.WEB.h264-GOSSIP



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