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Complicated Love 19 October 2020: Complicated Love update Monday 19th October 2020, Mauli walks towards the main door, she opens the door but no one was there outside. Nandini had ran down the stairs, crying. Mauli reads the name plate outside their house blankly, she feels by touching it, then cries again.

Kunal walked across a street, his shirt unbuttoned and hair uncombed. Mauli’s and Mamma’s accusations of his betrayal haunts his thoughts. His phone begin to ring and he didn’t pay any attention to the approaching car. It was Rajdeep, shocked to see Kunal’s condition. Nandini’s call bell still rang at Kunal’s phone. Rajdeep questions if Kunal only finds his car or wife to die for. Kunal says sorry and walks ahead. Rajdeep questions where was Kunal’s grace when he slept with his wife, he always lectured him on dignity and grace. He takes his coat off and beats Kunal ravenously. Kunal fights back in defense but Rajdeep badly punches his face. Kunal had fallen on the floor. Rajdeep gulps a drink and beats Kunal with an iron rod over his head. Kunal fell unconscious. Rajdeep was determined to write history today, people would remember that Rajdeep killed Kunal for having an affair with his wife. Nandini reach to stop Rajdeep’s strike in midway and pushes him away. She tries to wake Kunal up and place his head over her lap. Rajdeep stared for a while and curtly murmurs that she is shameless and is still close to a stranger even in front of her husband. Nandini questions if Rajdeep calls himself a husband? He was a man who sold his wife, left her on road side while she was pregnant and made her lose her child, he abused and harassed her; who calls such a beast as husband? Rajdeep blames Nandini for betraying him, and even betraying her best friend. She has been labelled as shameless.

Nandini confronts Rajdeep and accepts being shameless. If loving someone whole heartedly is shamelessness, then she is shameless. She always longed for such love. Rajdeep robbed her of her self-respect, like a pet animal. Kunal brought her out of this hopelessness, he gave her the confidence and respect. She accepts being shameless wishing all this. Rajdeep has no right to consider her wrong. Rajdeep smirks that he is being lectured by someone who flirted with a stranger. Nandini corrects it was love; no matter what society speaks of her but she will never return to Rajdeep ever. Rajdeep holds his hand to slap Nandini but she counters his strike in midair again, and decisively says not anymore. She pushes his hand back with a jerk. When Rajdeep has left, Nandini cries with Kunal’s head in her lap.
Mauli opens her eyes in the room because of a door bell. Mamma opens the door and find the watchmen holding an injured Kunal. She was concerned and asks them to bring him inside and help him on couch.

Nandini stood behind but no one welcomes her. Mamma questions how Kunal got this? Nandini replies its because of her. Mauli hear the voice and sits up in her room. The watchmen leave. Mamma comes to the door where Nandini still stood outside. Nandini says Rajdeep beat him on the road, she took him to doctor. His injury isn’t deep and would soon recover. Mamma says Nandini first ruined Mauli’s life. Mauli considered her as her life, but Nandini ruined it. She turned Mauli’s life to hell. Now her husband hurt Kunal, still Nandini had the courage to walk to their house. Is there anything else she wish to snatch from them? Isn’t she ashamed? Nandini only cried outside. Mamma slaps the door shut. Mauli had walked outside her room, tears fell off her eyes. Nandini had walked away but Mamma opens the door for Mauli to go outside.

Nandini stood in the garden where some people nearby were praying. Tears fell off her eyes as she recalls Mamma’s blames. Mauli comes to stand right beside her. Nandini was nervous as Mauli faced directly towards her, and forces Nandini to look towards her. Nandini tries to explain about Kunal’s injury but Mauli says it’s about them right now. It’s about their childhood friendship, they are old and close friends. Then how could Nandini do so.

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