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Complicated Love 18 October 2020: Complicated Love update Sunday 18th October 2020, Kunal and Nandini were taken aback as they turn and see Mauli staring at them from a distance. Tears filled Mauli’s eyes while she stood only motionless. It begins the rain.

Mauli recalls Rajdeep’s warnings about Kunal and Nandini’s affair, Chakor’s doubts she had laughed at, Rajdeep claiming Kunal as Nandini’s lover, Zoya’s advice… The rain water washed away her sindoor. Mauli drops the aarti thaal and fell down on floor, losing her balance. Kunal and Nandini head to help but she stops them with her hand. She gets up with the keys of Kunal’s clinic, walks towards Kunal weakly and place the keys in his hands. She says congratulations, these are keys to his clinic. Kunal recalls his vow to start a clinic of his own within the same year. She turns around and runs away. Kunal sends Nandini home while he follows Mauli. Mauli fell on the floor having lost the courage to be able to walk ahead. She recalls all her best times with Kunal. Kunal reaches her, he asks her to come home and he can explain anything. Mauli doesn’t let him touch her and says she needs sometime. Kunal wasn’t ready to leave her in such a condition alone. Mauli instead trembles and shouts at him to Go. Kunal steps backward. Agonized, Mauli screams and cries.

Nandini shuts the apartment door behind her, haunted by Rajdeep’s words that if she couldn’t belong to her husband, she couldn’t belong to even her best friend. She gets a call from Kunal. Nandini says he shouldn’t have left her alone, what if she do anything wrong. Kunal was sure Mauli was strong. Nandini cries wondering how she will face Mauli. Kunal wonders what face even he would carry to her?
Nandini speaks to Mauli’s photo that she never wanted to ruin her world. Mauli had given her a new life, a family and a worth in life. She never realized when love intervened, but she can’t live without anyone Mauli or Kunal. She never wished to ruin Mauli’s life, it only happened unintentionally.
Mauli recalls everyone cautioning her against Nandini, her mother and Rajdeep. How she always gave Nandini the confidence and love.
Someone brings a tissue for Nandini. She was shocked and turns to see it was Rajdeep. He forcefully wipes her tears and says he is really impressed, it seemed Mauli was her friend still she ruined Mauli’s life. Nandini tells him to leave. Rajdeep says he came by foot into the house only, and Nandini went into her friend’s married life. She got restraining orders, and made his spying easy. He has witnessed the whole block buster, their joggings, and hugs in café. If Nandini even realize what’s women like her called? Mauli wasn’t tired of praising her and she got Kunal behind herself? Kunal rejected his business proposal, and insulted him in front of everyone. He clutches Nandini’s neck asking what’s in Kunal that isn’t in him. But at least now, people would thank him for treating her abusively. He will now ruin Kunal’s life, thanks to Nandini to clearing his way up. He leaves the house. Nandini fells on the floor, timidly.

Kunal returns home and cries in silence. He recalls his best times with Mauli. Mauli returns home late and silently locks herself into the room. Kunal was left knocking the door. Soon, Mauli opens the door draped in red saree like Nandini. Kunal was taken aback. Mauli asks if she now looks like Nandini. Her dress, jewellry and everything… he likes this only right? She tries to shy away and offers him what he would eat? Kunal was ashamed. Mauli asks if this is what flattered Kunal? She only wants to know what it that she couldn’t give him was. Is she a bad wife, or a bad daughter in law? She did everything. They were a perfect couple, how could someone come in between. She always considered her marriage as the best one. She wonders what was missing and what was left behind? Kunal says there was nothing she left. Mauli fell on the floor, demanding why then? Kunal cries silently as he sits beside her. Mauli says he must tell her a reason, any irresponsibility, any mistake; if helping her friend was wrong, or giving her a new life was wrong. If bringing her home was wrong. They brought her together, when did Kunal allow her into his heart? They only had to support her, not to love her. She always thought Kunal was also her well-wisher, but was sure Kunal loved herself (Mauli). She corrects herself that Kunal loved her only, he doesn’t love her anymore. She and Nandini are way different. She hysterically looks towards her attire and says this isn’t her, its Nandini; she doesn’t even want to be Nandini. Mauli never makes up, and show all this grace and innocence. She pulls her jewellry, her ears bleed. Kunal was concerned and stops her. Mauli says this is only physical bleeding but what about her bleeding heart? If her bruises would ever fill?

Mauli blames herself for being busy. She was as well blinded. People poked into her eyes to make her able to see their reality. She stuffed her ears instead only because of her trust over him. Where she was wrong, she had to trust her best friend and her husband. She took time out of her schedule and completed Kunal’s dream. Kunal only looks towards her sadly. Mauli cries feeling herself as filthy, she requests him to tell her what she missed doing? She can’t live with this guilt and this filth? Kunal holds her above the floor but she resists his touch. He wipes his tears.

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