Complicated Love 13 October 2020: Complicated Love Update Tuesday 13th October 2020, Mauli tastes the kheer and complements it to be really tasty. She says she had surprised Nandini, how she cooked kheer then? Nandini replies she cooked it by the way. Outside, Kunal notices calls from Mauli and decides to call him. Mauli cheers watching the call. She tells him that she is having kheer made by Nandini, jealous? Kunal says he is returning from Pune’s conference? Mauli was happy and asks why he even left? After the call, Mauli claims her love to be a true one. She asks Nandini to let her go home as Kunal will soon be back. Nandini gives her the kheer as everyone home will like it. Mauli was sure Kunal is going to be crazy.

At night, Kunal lay in the bed awake. He thinks about near to being caught at Nandini’s place. There, Nandini was thinking about Kunal’s confessions. She decides to text him but rejects the idea as Kunal must be asleep. Kunal comes out of bed and eats the kheer. He texts Nandini that kheer is tasty. Both enjoy chatting with each other.
The next morning, Nandini was preparing Rangoli at her home. She sends Kunal a text of Good Morning, Greetings for Janmashtmi. What she should cook today, would he like Panjeeri? He already had Kheer yesterday. Would he go to hospital? Kunal was in washroom. Mauli was intrigued at the continuous messages on his phone. Kunal calls her to check the phone but soon realizes it might be Nandini. He hurries outside and before Mauli could unlock the cell phone he snatches it, explaining it might be the reports of a patient who was critical. Mauli tells him to relax, its Janmashtmi and only a good news would come today.
Dida and Molly prepared the sweet. Mamma was decorating the idol. Mauli says only one thing is missing, Nandini could have prepared a Rangoli as well. Dida says she called Nandini to come here, what would she do there at home? Kunal comes out ready, Mauli whistles. Dida asks Kunal to call Nandini on speaker? Kunal was worried and asks why? Mauli says its Dida’s order, that’s it.

Nandini was confused about selecting the right dress. She takes Kunal’s call and says Dida invited her to Janmashtmi. She feels really tensed even at the thought of… Kunal interrupts saying Dida is here with him and wants to speak to her. Dida was worried and asks Nandini if she felt tensed? She must come here soon before 3 pm. Afterwards, Kunal texts Nandini apologizing for the call. He tells her to wear her favorite red saree. Nandini smiles and dresses up accordingly.
Everyone was busy with preparations. Kunal was continuously busy on phone. Dida asks him to call Nandini. The doorbell rings then, it was Nandini standing in her red saree. Kunal didn’t blink for once. Mauli comes from behind.

Mauli brings Kunal in front of the idol and says she wish they must also bring a Laddu Gopal in their house. Kunal watch her blush, but couldn’t understand. Mauli says our baby, Kunal!
There, Nandini resisted the grip of Rajdeep as he carries her to the dining table. She resists by pushing him away. She grabs a steel bowl on the table and hits Rajdeep’s head. She jumps off the table and grabs a knife as Rajdeep’s head bled. Rajdeep charges towards Nandini but she held a knife warning him to stay away. Rajdeep was intrigued.
Kunal asks Mauli how she thought about baby all at once. Mauli says it’s not sudden, she was thinking about it for long now. She goes to change.
Rajdeep asks if she will kill her husband. Keep it down! Nandini says she will surely kill him. she charges towards Rajdeep deterring to kill him if he doesn’t leave. Rajdeep backs up and comes to reconciliatory point. Nandini grabs her cell phone to dial a number. Rajdeep suggests Nandini to hire those Kunal and Mauli as body guard. Nandini dials the number but Kunal’s phone was out in the hall. Nandini deters Rajdeep that she will call police now. He wonders where she got all the courage. Nandini says if a girl gets over her fears, nothing can suppress her.
Mauli comes out of bath looking for Kunal who wasn’t in the room anymore. Outside in the hall, she finds Nandini’s missed calls on her mobile. In the room, Kunal also watch the missed calls on his number. Mauli comes to Kunal worried that there are 6 missed calls of Nandini on her cell phone.

Rajdeep greets the inspector and says Nandini is his wife, she was only angry as he denied taking her to shopping. Nandini blames him of rape. She says she forwarded Rajdeep with divorce papers, still he forces himself over her. She brings the papers that this is her house, he forcefully breaks into the house without her consent. The inspector suggests Nandini to get restraining order against him with consultation of her lawyer. Rajdeep mocks Nandini for being able to speak such heavy English word. While leaving with the police, Rajdeep warns that Nandini can’t start over a new life in this new house. She only belongs to him. The police forbids Rajdeep of any deterrence. After they had left, Nandini sits beside the ruined Rangoli she decorated in the morning.
Kunal and Mauli were furious over Rajdeep’s courage. Mauli says there is no leniency for Rajdeep anymore. Kunal apologizes for not being able to pick up her call. Mauli also apologizes, she was terrified as well and appreciates Nandini’s act of bravery. This has raised her hopes that Nandini has turned really strong. She says it’s not at all safe to live in this house. Nandini wasn’t ready, if she leaves this house out of fear today she will never be able to live alone again, neither in this house nor any other. They have given her this courage to take over her fear, she will now fight for her independence. She will soon get restraining order. Mauli says she is proud of Nandini. Nandini tells them to go, it’s already really late.

The next day, Mauli calls Nandini that she is free from hospital soon, let’s have lunch together. Nandini replies that she is unwell, and wants to take rest. She wasn’t able to sleep well last night. Mauli agrees to call her in the evening then. Nandini stood outside a restaurant and opens the door. Mauli turns her face and was shocked to see Nandini at the restaurant. She stops the car and goes towards the restaurant, she wonders why Nandini lied to her.
In the restaurant, Nandini comes to Kunal and says it was Mauli’s call. She disliked lying to her. Kunal apologizes to make her lie to Mauli, he place his hand over Nandini’s and says he can’t tell how he spent last night. She called him for help and he couldn’t even take the call, he assures this won’t happen again. Nandini says she was able to spend the last night only because she was sure he won’t miss another time. Kunal says no one in the restaurant knows them, at least they can spend some time with each other.
Mauli comes towards the restaurant. She gets call from Maa and says she will speak to her later, she was then shocked to get the news from other side. She could also see Nandini sitting with a man.

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