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In the restaurant, Ishaan was unable to focus on his work, he was upset and thought about his good moments with Mauli. His mother’s and Sweety’s reservations. Mishti and Pari come to the restaurant. Ishaan was distressed and hugs the girls spreading a smile over his face. Mishti asks why he called them here. Ishaan says they need to go somewhere. The girls were curious but he doesn’t reply where.

At home, Kunal assures the family that they are together, everything will be fine again. Dida joins her hands and requests Mauli to forgive her child in real. God has given them another chance, she must accept that chance; she must trust her grandson once again. Kunal tries to interrupt, Mauli’s eyes fill in tears. Dida requests Mauli to unite her family once again and return the happiness of her family.
Pari and Mishti come home. Pari was excited that Kunal was well again. Kunal accepts being a bad Buddy who had forgotten his own princess. He hugs Pari tightly claiming to have missed her. Mauli asks Mishti how they came over. Mishti says Ishaan dropped them. Dida says she called Ishaan that Kunal has regained his memory again. Dida requests Mauli to say a yes once again, and let the past replenish.

Ishaan was packing his bag. He dials his mother’s number in tears and informs her that he is coming back. Sandhya inquires if Mauli is also coming over? Ishaan says he bid her already, she won’t come; he is sorry for hurting his mother. He cries over the call, and requests her to take care of him, it’s hurting badly. Sandhya asks him to return home, she has been waiting since long. Ishaan thinks to himself that he wants Mauli and Mishti to always stay happy.

Dida continues that her eyes have been long awaiting. Mauli is a very good daughter, but they want their daughter in law back. Kunal is incomplete without her. She has longed to see Mauli and Kunal leave home for work, together; eat together and laugh together. Kunal hasn’t been able to take care of his family without her. He wandered and returned into her shelter. She requests Mauli to grant him another chance and accept this Shagun thaal.

Ishaan reaches airport to leave for Delhi.
Dida accepts that Ishaan has done a lot for her and Mishti, but he is sensible and wish to see them happy forever. She spoke to him, he understands that it’s a game of God, not anyone of them. Kunal speaks up that today, there is no pressure over Mauli. No reference of any relation or God; she must be given a free will to take her decision. He understands that Dida wish to see them together, but not at the cost of Mauli’s happiness. She has always taken care of them, today its wrong. She has her own life as well. He says he understands Dida loves her and is saying all this, but they can’t be selfish together. Dida says she only wish themselves to live happily together. Kunal says he also wants to gather the old times again, but they can’t be selfish anymore. He already owes Mauli a lot. She has cared for his family already; they can no more be the shackles to her feet. He tells Mauli to select neither Kunal nor Ishaan, but herself. Radhika was boastful that today, her selfless son has returned. It’s now that he is back with every single lesson she brought him up with, she can now proudly claim him to be her son.
Radhika now asks Mauli not to be unfair with her own self. Mauli was thoughtful, tears floating her face.


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