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As Grissom and Sara close in on who outlined Hodges, the CSI group explores a locked-room murder secret at 30,000 feet, when a freight plane terrains independently at McCarran Airport and everybody onboard has been killed.

CSI: Vegas

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 5

Episode Title: Let the Chips Fall

Air Date: Nov 3, 2021

Source: CSI.Vegas.S01E05.1080p.WEB.H264-CAKES



The police and fire all show up at the air terminal. They have a prisoner issue. Afterward, Maxine is called to the air terminal. They have a plane that landed itself and everybody on board is dead. Folsom, Rajan and Park get to work gathering proof from inside the plane. They tattle about the FBI specialist who truly loves Maxine.

They examine the rear of the plane. There are boxes and they have been glanced through. Possibly somebody was searching for something. They find a hatchet on board also. There must be proof.

Grissom and Sara work on their own case, showing up at a country site. They search for remains. Back at the mortuary, they notice one of the men on board had no protective injuries and had stage 4 malignant growth. Perhaps he isn’t guiltless. They handle his baggage and find a ticket. They track the ticket and have a thought that somebody was pirated onto the plane in the baggage.

Grissom and Sara acknowledge they are missing bones. Their case includes a coroner whose examinations are problematic. FBI specialist goes with Rajan and Folsom to the speculate’s latest location which turns out to be a similar house as their pilot with cellular breakdown in the lungs. They are connected. Their suspect is named Gary. Folsom hears a child crying. Its the man with his cellular breakdown in the lungs’ kid. He lets them know Gary dropped off a snow globe in the wake of finding out about his father. Folsom gets the globe.

Maxine accomplishes some extra work and finds more prints. They have another suspect. In the mean time, the coroner comes to meet Sara and Grissom. He realizes they speculate he is accomplishing something wrong.

Maxine has a feast with the FBI specialist. They examine her devotion to her work and remaining single. Gary comes in. Maxine did some examination. He eats at the cafés alot. They question him. He doesn’t give them to an extreme. They need to track down their female associate.

Maxine finds Grissom and Sara. She allows them the capacity to get a warrant. In the interim, Folsom visits the young man and notification his guardian has messy fingernails and safeguard wounds. They get her. They need to deliver her when they need more proof. However, folsom plans to get it.

Rajan assists Folsom with reconsidering the plane. He finds a label that interfaces her to utilizing her taser on the plane. It was the perishing pilot who initiated oneself landing system.

Grissom and Sara are called to a scene. The coroner that where prepared to look is dead. They have another suspect to find. After, Gary meets with Folsom. He figures Gary would make an incredible father. He is all the kid has left. Grissom and Sara find something promising at the scene.

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