Curse of the Sands Full Story Zee world, Plot Summary, Casts & Teasers


Curse of the Sands Full Story Zee world, Plot Summary, Casts & Teasers: A witch named Mohini has hung tight for her lonely love of 500 years, Rana Saa, who has been renewed as Ram. Smash is a money manager who lives with his significant other, Siya, and his stepbrother, Vivian. Slam and Siya were very nearly separate. Be that as it may, when Siya learns of Mohini, she chooses not to separate from Ram to save him. The story at that point returns us to 500 years prior. Rana Saa is hitched to Rajrajeshwari. Mohini, a house cleaner in their castle, is enamored with Rana . At some point, Mohini fools him into getting injured by rival champions who are “crushed” by Mohini’s dark wizardry. In the wake of being saved by Mohini, Rana vows to help her at whatever point she needs him.

Mohini admits that she is pregnant with his kid and uncovers that they had gotten personal trying to save his life. Rana, stunned and ridden with blame, approaches a pregnant Rajrajeshwari, admits his mix-up and requests that she leave him. Mohini uncovers her real essence and cuts Rajrajeshwari’s throat.

Rana quickly takes her to the sanctuary and asks the priestess to save their youngster. At the point when the youngster is conceived, Rajrajeshwari cautions Mohini that in each birth there will be a committed spouse to Rana’s rebirth who will liberate him from her grasp. She kicks the bucket right away subsequently. Quick track to introduce day, Siya endeavors to save Ram from Mohini. In the interim, Mohini fools Ram into going through a night with her in return for saving Siya from her dark enchantment. Slam hesitantly concurs and asks Mohini to never come into their lives again. Siya’s life is saved, and life apparently gets back to business as usual.

After five years

Smash and Siya are currently carry on with a more joyful life, however they battle to imagine a kid. A 5-year-old kid comes into their lives under strange conditions, and they choose to embrace him and name him Mann. He is seen having dim powers and starts to make errors among Ram and Siya.

Over the long run, he is uncovered to be Mohini and Ram’s kid, whom she has deliberately shipped off unleash destruction in their lives. In the wake of finding reality, Siya chooses to keep Mann and make him human to eliminate his dim forces. Mohini, actually fixated on Ram, murders a pregnant Siya. Crushed and angered over Siya’s demise, Ram assaults Mohini. The arrangement closes when Mohini murders Ram for not responding her dependable love for him.

Curse Of The Sands Casts, Real Name and Picture

Season 1


  • Reyhna Malhotra /Giaa Manek as Mohini/Gopika, a 500 year old Chudail, Rana Saa’s obsessed lover, Mann’s mother
Reyhna Malhotra
Reyhna Malhotra
  • Garima Singh Rathore as Siya Sisodia, Ram’s wife, Amar’s mother and Mann’s adoptive mother
Garima Singh Rathore
Garima Singh Rathore
  • Ankit Siwach as Rana Bhanupratap Singh, Mohini’s lover (2019)/Ram Sisodia, Siya’s husband, Mann and Amar’s father
Ankit Siwach
Ankit Siwach


  • Nikita Sharma as Rani Rajrajeshwari, Rana Saa’s wife (2019)
  • Rakhi Sawant as Chakwa, a Chudail, Mohini’s sister (2019)
  • Vaidik Poriya as Mann Sisodia, Ram and Mohini’s son, Siya’s adoptive son (2019)
  • Sonia Singh as Makdi Rani, Mohini’s best friend turns her enemy (2019)
  • Vandana Pathak as Devki Dai (Dai Maa), Ram’s protector / D.K. a Chudail (2018-2019)
  • Zuber K. Khan as Vanraaj, a superhuman and Siya’s obsessed lover (2019)
  • Sharain khanduja as Jhumari, Vanraaj’s lover (2019)
  • Neeta Mohindra as Saroj Devi, Ram and Vivian’s grandmother (2018)
  • Abhimanyu Chaudhary as Vivian, Ram’s half-brother (2018)
  • Melanie Nazareth as Ram’s stepmother and Vivian’s mother (2018)
  • Rupal Patel as Kubarjra / Usha (2019)
  • Poonam Chaudhary as Moha (2019)
  • Kanishq Rupani as Madhira (2019)
  • Ratnakar Nadkarni as RaajpurohitJi (2018)

Season 2


  • Karam Rajpal as Shiv/Mann Sisodia – Raam and Mohini’s son, Siya’s adoptive son (2019-2020)
  • Vaishali Takkar as Ananya Mishra/Mansi (2019-2020)
  • Reyhna Malhotra as Sunanda – an evil Chudail (2019-2020)


  • Buneet Kapoor as Amar Sisodia, Ram and Siya’s son, Mann’s younger brother (2020)
  • Zaara Khan as Ketki Mishra, Ananya’s sister (2019-2020)
  • Lata Shukla as Parvati, Ananya’s grandmother (2019-2020)
  • Rakesh Paul as Kamal, Sunanda’s husband (2019-2020)

The show will before long take a jump of 1 or 2 years and Ram’s character will end and Ankit will wear another character named, Rana. Post jump, Ram and Siya are isolated and Ram will join with Mohini as Rana, who will turn negative. Notwithstanding, Siya will battle to get him back from Mohini. Holding the current cast, the creators will patch up the show with another plot and significant turns.

At the point when we reached Ankit, he affirmed the news saying, “Indeed, Ram’s character will end however I’m not leaving the show. Be that as it may, the show will take a jump and the plot will be redone.”

Manmohini depends on the otherworldly character, ManMohini (witch), who is hanging tight for her tragically missing adoration, Rana Sa from 500 years. Rana Sa is resurrected as Ram and succumbs to another woman, Siya who attempts to save Ram from the malicious goals of Mohini.

First Episode of Curse Of The Sands

Curse of the Sands Full Story Zee world: An old Rajasthani sanctuary is appeared. Camels in desert stroll towards sanctuary. A lady Siya enters sanctuary tending to Devi maa that whoever comes to sanctuary grumble how their issues expanded, however she never whined as she confided in god, she got her better half Ram with her conviction, he adored her so much, yet now needs to say a final farewell to her, holding legal documents. She proceeds with how might Ram leave her when couldn’t live without her, how might devi maa watch this; when devimaa is grabbing her light even Devi maa will see haziness. Around evening time an elderly person lights fortress with lights. Chudail insults her. she calls Bhairav singh. Chudail watches elderly person Dayimaa from a good ways. Elderly person look through Bhairav Singh yelling where did he bite the dust. She turns hearing voice, however doesn’t discover anybody. Chudail keeps provoking her. Dayimaa acknowledges chudail got away from fortress. Chudail strolls saying she needed to and will meet her adoration following 500 years. Dayimaa sees Mara/dead on principle entryway and discovers Bhairav Singh’s dead body hanging. She asks chudail for what valid reason slaughtered Bhairav Singh and leaves. She gets into center of desert and sees Ghagra paltan moving around chudail, gets apprehensive and cautions Chadail she won’t let her damage kunwar Saa/Ram. Chudail says in the event that she had got her adoration kunwarsaa in past lives, she would not have stood by so long. She assaults Dayimaa with sand, yet Dayimaa stands unblemished and cautions again to avoid kunwarsaa.

Smash arrives at Jaipur air terminal. His grandmaa calls him and asks where is he, get back. He says he was going to Jaipur to meet Siya, however because of terrible climate he arrived in Jaipur. Grandmaa gets apprehensive and requests to get back to back from that point at the present time. Lights gleam, network gets separated. Slam thinks where to remain around evening time. Behramgarh board is appeared. A vehicle remains before him. He picks chit from his pocket and checks vehicle’s number and gets into it. He welcomes driver and requests to take him to Behramgarh. Bhairav Singh’s phantom drives vehicle. Grandmaa calls Dayimaa who requests to get Ram far from Behramgarh as chudail has gotten away. Grandmaa says Ram is in Jaipur now and requests to not allow him to enter Behramgarh.

Siya sings melody for Ram in desert and toward the beginning of the day, takes heavenly plunge in lake and says she is forfeiting her and Ram’s relationship and even god and hers. Grandmaa calls her and asks what silliness is this, she went to India and Ram went behind her. Siya seeing legal documents says he came to take separate. Grandmaa says he is in Rajasthan and is going towards Behramgarh, in the event that he comes to there, abhorrent soul won’t extra him, their 2 ages didn’t stepin to India. Siya says even she is close to Behramgarh and will prevent Ram from entering Behramgarh. Smash comes to approach post and escapes vehicle. Vehicle vanishes. Smash strolls towards his portfolio when chudail strolls towards him and is going to contact him when Siya comes to. Her dupatta falls on them. Chudail vanishes. Siya sks what is he doing here and takes him along. Chudail picks soil of Ram’s stride and spreading it as sindhoor welcomes Ram to her property.

Mohini Chudail picks Ram’s stride soil and applies it as sindhoor, saying welcome to her place. Siya brings Ram into her vehicle and chastens what is he doing here, he isn’t assume to come to Behramgarh. He calls her rasgulla.

She reproves to quit calling her rasgulla, on the off chance that she realized he is so aggravating, she would not have hitched him. He embraces her. Mohini sees them jumping on vehicle. Siya sees legal documents and heading out in different directions requests to return to London, Daadi advised it is perilous for him to remain in Behramgarh. Mohini figures she won’t let Rana sa/Ram go from here and penetrates every one of the 4 tires. Siya attempts to open way to check, yet entryway doesn’t open. Smash escapes vehicle even after Siya’s notice and stretches out his hand requesting to confide in her. She says he previously broke her trust purchase sending legal documents and herself comes out.

The two of them walk while Mohini strolls behind Ram. She moves and attempts to contact him yet to no end. Smash arrives at post. Mohini strolls behind him and welcomes him to get into post. Slam sees abhimantrit dhaaga/string around entryway and stops. Mohini energetically requests that he get in. Smash attempts to step in when Dayimaa enters tossing her stick before Ram and cautions not to get inside post. She gets passionate seeing Ram and cries tears. Smash asks who is she, at that point contacts her feet and says she is Dayimaa. Dayimaa asks how can she know. He says since adolescence dadimaa depicted her and he envisioned her face and discovered precisely same. Dayimaa sincerely embraces him and asks who is this young lady. Smash presents Siya as his significant other. Mohini is stunned hearing that and thihks Rana sa brought her sautan here. Daiyamaa says they can’t remain here as tempest will come whenever, figuring Mohini should be somewhere near. Slam asks where are they going. She says his Behramgarh castle and takes them in her jeep.

Curse of the Sands Zee world Full Story: Mohini thinks back Ram love for her 500 years prior and promising to wed her. Slam comes to haveli and envisions his previous existence as Rana sa in this castle and says he believes he is purchased up here. Dayimaa says he never came here and should imagine Dadimaa’s accounts. Telephone rings. Dayimaa says Raimaa probably called and requests that Siya pick call. Siya picks call. Dadimaa thanks god that Siya and Ram arrived at castle securely and requests that she leave for London straightaway and be with Ram like a shadow till they arrive at London. Dayimaa calls house keeper Jalebi and inquires as to whether she arranged Kunwarsa and kunwar rani saa’s room. Jalebi says yes. Mohini thinks Rana saa came here following 500 years and brought her sautan here.

In room, Ram come shirtless after shower before Siya and gets heartfelt with her. Siya tosses shirt on him and he understands it his creative mind. Smash gets heartfelt in genuine and inquires as to whether she is getting powerless, she can go to another room. Siya leaves with pack, yet returns thinking back Dadimaa’s words. She dozes on bed. Smash sit on opposite side. She closes blinds between them. They rest thinking back their heartfelt days.

Dayimaa addresses Dadimaa over telephone and says she will secure Ram regardless of whether she needs to forfeit her life. Mohini thinks Ranasaaa needs to go to her around evening time. Siya asks Ram justification seding legal documents and turns, however doesn’t discover him. Slam strolls towards fundamental entryway, mesmerized. Mohini calls him. Siya runs towards entryway attempting to stop Ram followed by Dayimaa. Slam smiles and leaves in jeep. Siya and Dayimaa run behind him. Mohini tosses her hair and jeep down. Smash meets with a mishap and breakdowns. – Siya and Dayimaa reach there. Slam’s head explodes. Siya runs towards him in stun.

Mohini calls Ram to meet him. Hypnotizzed Ram heads in jeep. Mohini pulls jeep with her hair. Jeep turns over, and Ram tumbles down seriously harmed. Siya and Dayimaa reach there and are stunned to see Ram oblivious. Siya rurns towards Ram and surges him to emergency clinic. Dayimaa sees Mohini around. Mohini inquires as to whether she saw ghagra paltan’s wizardry, presently she will get her Rana saa at last. In emergency clinic, specialist treats Ram while Siya remains outside room. Specialist comes out and says I am grieved.

Dayimaa goes to post and stands up to Mohini that Ram stepped on this land just today, she can’t rebuff Ram for what happened 500 years prior. She sees Siya crying holding Ram’s body and faces Dayimaa that Ram was her obligation, for what reason didn’t she save Ram, she fizzled in her obligation. Dayimaa strolls to her. Siya transforms into insidiousness and yells she is Mohini and no one can grab Ram from her, she will get Ram at any expense. She proceeds just Dayimaa can see her and still be alive, and so on

In emergency clinic, specialist illuminates Siya that Ram has gone into come and doesn’t have the foggiest idea when he will awaken. Siya requests that doc wake Ram up by one way or another. She strolls into Ram’s room and cries holding his hand. Dadimaa enters and asks her to never disappear from Ram as she saved Ram. Siya says Ram came here in view of her. Dadimaa says it was in fate. Mohini moves in desert and thinks she called Ram here and he will go with her desire,, she is sitting tight for him since 500 rs. She requests that Ram awaken now to meet her and call her name. Slam awakens from extreme lethargies calling Mohini. Mohini joyfully advises her companions on the off chance that they heard Rana saa took her name, presently Rana saa can see her. Smash inquires as to whether he took somebody’s name. Dadimaa says no one’s and requests that he unwind. Smash asks when did she come here. Dadima says she returned to take him to London, they will go from here the present moment, she will mastermind contracted plane. Smash says he will remain here and finish some forthcoming assignment. Dayimaa enters and says Kunwarsa took right choice.

Curse of the Sands Zee world: Next morning, Daadimaaa takes Rama and Siya to royal residence saying they need to get back to London soon. smash’s stepmom hanging tight for her beginnings her exaggerating and phony worry for Ram and says she was concerned for him and makes her originator gems’ vow. She proceeds with that Ram should have passed on in a major mishap. Smash attempts to contact her feet. Stepmother stops him saying she is as yet youthful. Siya attempts to contact feet, yet stepmom hollers at Siya that she is Ram’s misfortune and Ram came here after her. Siya flees broke.

NB: Curse of the Sands Movie to commence on 10th May, 2021


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