Curse of the Sands September Teasers 2021: Mann contacts Siya and Ram’s feet and takes their gifts. Gopika fools the prisoner and the guard evades holding a weapon to kill Ram and Siya.

[Zee world] Curse of the Sands September 2021 Teasers

Wednesday 1 September 2021 Update

Gopika arrives in the desert and cutting her palm forfeits her blood and supplicates ret Pesach evil to arise. Retpisach arises and says in the event that she needs back her forces, she needs to forfeit Mann.

Thursday 2 September 2021 Update

Mohini picks Mansi to assist with getting Mann. Siya makes Mann performs Manthan to get evilness out of his body. Mann says he will demonstrate that he is Rajput mother’s Rajput child and won’t allow his forces to overwhelm him. Mohini stunts Guruji to seize Mansi. Siya found she is pregnant.

Friday 3 September 2021 Update

Mohini calls Ram and asks he sends Siya and Mann to her else she will bubble Mansi in hot oil yet Ram isn’t prepared to put his family in danger. Siya got away through the window to go up against Mohini and took Mann’s representation along not realizing Mann is stowing away in the vehicle.

Saturday 4 September 2021 Update

Mohini focuses firearm at Siya and Mann argue to save her by uncovering she is pregnant. She chains Siya and limits her options and orders Mann to suck Mansi’s blood assuming he needs to save Siya and demonstrate he is chudai’s child. Mohini is going to wound Siya with blade when Sumri come in the middle and bears sword on his stomach and passes away.

Sunday September 5 2021 Update

Ret Pisach begins sucking Mann’s detestable’s forces when siya comes to there. Ret pisach flaunts that he is vague and free streaming sand, it’s not possible for anyone to catch or kill him. Mann catches him in a jug with Shivji’s deity’s assistance and Mohini is stunned to see that. Mohini cuts Ram and Siya more than once and they passed on.

Monday 6 Sept September 2021 Update

It’s been 20 years and Mohini as Sunada is yet to get back her forces however plans to utilize Mansi who she took on as her girl subsequent to killing her mother and changed her name to Ananya as a device to get Mann. Shiv and Ananya both went to Shiv sanctuary to ask and sat next to one another the Pandit attaches their Chunri with one another considering it a wedlock.

Tuesday 7 September 2021 Update 

Ananya strolls past Shiv, hauling his chunri off his shoulder and returned home. Sunada recognizes the tied chunri and says there is something in this Chunri that gives her a vibe of Mann around. She searched out to search for him at the sanctuary. Ananya and Shiv got into an occurrence and Ananya drain on her palm making Shiv bit somebody.

Wednesday 8 September 2021 Update

Shiv gets the blazes of Mohini as Sunanda enters the police headquarters so likewise Mohini feels Mann’s quality around and chose to search for him however was halted by Ananya. Shiv see’s Ananya in tears and this inconveniences him.Sunanda made certain about Mann’s essence around and asked Ananya to acquainted him with Shiv.

Thursday 9 September 2021 Update

Shiv goes looking for a house to live in and wound up at Ananya’s house. Sunada and Ananya both sense the hefty breeze at Shiv’s appearance. Sunanda was glad and partakes in the inclination as she hits the dance floor with her lit Diya. Ananya is against Shiv remaining in the house however Sunada will not allow Ananya to destroy her possibilities.

Friday 10 September 2021 Update

Sunanda persuades Kamal to allow Shiv to remain and takes her action to affirm in case Shiv is Mann. This makes Shiv anxious in his room. Sunada plans to take Shiv’s blood with a needle and absorb sand however turns out badly as Ananya was additionally pricked with the same needle.

Saturday 11 September 2021 Update

Shiv and Ananya are continually catching each other which prompts contentions and battle. Sunanda thinks Shiv is transforming into a migraine as their battles and care can transform into affection. She intends to end the romantic tale of Shiv-Ananya.Ananya and Shiv continue to have bad dreams.

Sunday September 12 2021 Update

Shiv says he should battle himself, and shield himself and Ananya from the evil shadows of the witch. Ananya discovers a method of sending Shiv out of the house, however, was stunned to see to thugs holding everybody prisoner. The looter holding Ananya slaps her, however Shiv had interceded to get the slap all things considered. Ananya was moved.

Monday September 13 2021 Update

Ananya brings treatment for Shiv as he was seriously beaten by the hooligans. Sunada sees this and solicitation Shiv to avoid Ananya. Shiv and Ananya go through entire night alert, pondering one another and were both anxious. Radha plans to outline Shiv however Ketki protected and asserted he is their child in law to be.

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