Curse of the Sands 1 October 2021: The show starts with Ananya hugging Amar, thinking of him as Shiv. She says she knew he would agree to marry her. Amar replies he never said a no. Ananya backs up asking what kind of joke this is. Amar says why Ananya is in such a hurry to marry, she must find a girl for him so that he doesn’t do such cheap jokes with his sister-in-law at midnight. 

Amar says he is really considering marrying now. Ananya inquires about the qualities he wishes for in the girl. Amar says she must be a good cook, prepare the best sweets in the world, and be pretty. He offers to show her a reflection of his liking, turns the lights on, and unveils a mirror, cleaning the dirt off. He points towards Ananya and demands a girl’s exact carbon copy of Ananya’s. But Ananya is a single piece in the world, why she doesn’t marry him.

Ananya turns to face Amar and slaps him hard on the face. She forbids him to stay within his limits and not to do such cheap jokes with her again. Sunanda comes to Amar. Amar says Ananya didn’t like his expression right now, but will soon realize her love. Sunanda asks if this is how much he loves her. Amar says she is his life, and he can remove any hurdle from his way, be it Shiv. Sunanda was taken aback, and with tears in her ears, she complains that he forgot about his mother, and only cares for his love. Amar hugs Sunanda and says he recognizes her worth, she is really important for him. Sunanda was still crying and sends Amar to sleep. Afterward, Sunanda smirks he is no one to kill Shiv, Shiv will instead kill him. This time, she will work for his powers and he will inconsiderately kill him and Ananya this time.

It was late at night. Someone opens the room door and enters Ananya’s room. It was Amar who stuffs Ananya’s mouth so she can’t make a noise and pulls her outside. Ananya wakes up from the nightmare, and terrified she decides to tell everything to Shiv.

The next morning, Amma ji finds Shiv looking for a matchstick in the temple corner. She tells him it’s under the stairs. Shiv smiles. Sunanda was preparing breakfast for everyone. Rekha comments it seems she gets all the oil for free. Kamal silently eats and thinks he wishes Sunanda had given an equal amount of love to his family as well.

Ananya joins Shiv in the temple corner. She thinks of all his care and love for Amar, then prays for strength from God so that she can tell Shiv the reality.

Sunanda brings the breakfast for Amar, which she had prepared in heavy oil. Amar tells Sunanda he is sleepless these nights because of Ananya. Sunanda was upset again. Amar kisses Sunanda’s hand and asks her their next prey after Devki.

Shiv laughs in his room. He asks Ananya why Amar will have a problem with their marriage, he is his younger brother. Ananya says she thought about it a lot. Shiv says Amar came to him yesterday and asked why he wasn’t marrying Ananya. He goes to give Prasad to Amar. Ananya felt helpless as Shiv had been blinded by the love of his brother.

Sunanda tells Amar they must remove the Rudraksha from Shiv’s neck. Later, they must ignite the devil inside Shiv. Shiv walks to Amar’s room and was shocked to see Sunanda stand there. Sunanda asks Amar to ask for anything else in breakfast if needed. Shiv asks Sunanda what she is doing here. Sunanda replies she came with Amar’s breakfast. She recalls spotting Shiv in the mirror opposite to the door. She thinks she was saved today, but must be cautious for next time. Shiv removes the thaal and tells Amar not to eat from this thaal. Amar tells Shiv to relax, he hasn’t eaten nor did Sunanda asked him to eat. Ananya comes and finds Shiv and Amar in a hug.

Ananya comes to Sunanda’s room. She was upset and says Shiv isn’t ready to hear anything against his brother. Sunanda bolts the door, then tells Ananya she is innocent. She says a woman must know the right time and right way to speak to a man. She must bring Shiv closer, seduce him in the music of her jewels and create an atmosphere that he can’t see anything but her. Ananya asks how she will do all this. Sunanda whispers in her ears. Ananya was happy, and cheerfully leaves the room. Amar rushes into the room and questions how can Sunanda do so, he loves Ananya and no one can stop him from getting her.

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