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Curse of the Sands 13 August 2021: Curse of the Sands update Friday 13th August 2021 Rana informs Mohini that Kali had come to kill her. Mohini holds Kali’s neck. Rana says she had come to kill Mohini, but instead sacrificed her life for Mohini and became her Nazar battu forever, he came to know about it when Kali’s husband met him and informed him everything. Kali stands shocked. Mohini asks what does he want. Rana says he wants his freedom and he deserves it. Mohini says she needs some time to think. Rana leaves. At Vanraj’s house, Bindu asks Jhumri why did she trust Vanraj, when he can slap his mother, will he spare Jhumri, he wore Jhumri’s brought sherwani and went to marry someone, she pities the girl he loves.

Maya walks to Dayimaa and informs that she knows she is Dayimaa and not DK and Kali is Siya and they both have brainwashed Rana, she will go and inform their truth to Mohini. Rana returns to his room reminiscing Vanraj telling that he is Kali’s husband and requests to get her back to him. Kali walks to him and confronts why did he lie in front of Mohini, what is his new drama now.

Rana shouts it is her drama and she lied that she is unmarried while she has a husband. Their verbal spat continues when Dayimaa runs in and informs Kali that Maya knows their truth and has gone to inform Mohini. Kali rushes towards Mohini’s room. Mohini tells Maya that someone is manipulating Rana’s mind. Maya says she knows, it is Kali… Kali gets tensed hearing that. Maya then says Kali protected Rana many times, how can she manipulate his mind, she is his well-wisher. Kali relaxes and leaves from there.

Jhumri shouts that she will kill the girl Vanraj loves and will marry Vanraj at any cost. Bindu slaps her and says they both will leave this city. Jhumri warns if she slaps her again, she will kill her like Vanraj killed his father. Bindu shatters hearing that.

Kali returns to Dayimaa and informs her that Maya did not reveal the truth to Mohini. Maya walks in and says the ghagra paltan team is loyal to Mohini, but Mohini likes Moha and Madira without thinking once, she may even kill her, so she will be loyal towards Kali hereon and gives her promise in chudail’s style taking oath on the sand. Kali walks out hearing a drum sound. Mohini also walks out asking who is playing a drum at night. Rana walks in playing the drum with Vanraj. Mohini asks Rana who is he. Rana says Kali’s husband.

Rana enters the palace playing drums with Vanraj. Mohini asks who is he. Rana says he is Kali’s husband who came to take her back. Vanraj runs and hugs Kali/Siya. Siya pushes him. Mohini asks what is happening. Vanraj says she is shocked to see him. Kali takes Vanraj to her room and asks what is all this. He says he came to marry her. She warns that she is Ram’s Siya. He says Ram/Rana himself wants to do her kanyadaan. Siya slaps him and warns him to stay away from her. Their verbal spat continues. Vanraj says he will finish Ram. Siya strangulates him with a dupatta and warns if he dares try to touch Rana, she will kill him. He cuts dupatta with his sharp nails. Vanraj warns her one wrong decision will be very risky for her, Dayimaa, and Rana; it is up to him to accept her offer or let Rana and Dayimaa die. Siya helplessly agrees. They both go back to Mohini. Mohini asks if this boy is her husband. Siya looking at Ram says he is her husband. Mohini says as promised Rana will give her and Rana freedom. She gives her hand in Vanraj’s hand. Rana shatters seeing that.

Dayimaa asks Siya why did she do this. Siya reminisces Vanraj blackmailing her and reminisces the event. Mohini thinks she wants to know how a sudden storm came into Kali’s life. Rana cries reminiscing Mohini’s betrayal. Kali walks in and asks why did he do that. He says he betrayed her. She asks if he does not love him. He says she wanted to kill Mohini and just used him, now she should get out. Kali asks if he really does not love him. She says no and walks away.

Dayimaa starts acting to keep Mohini busy and lets Kali walks behind Mohini silently. Mohini walks into Rana’s room and says she is suspicious of Kali and that boy’s relationship and Rana should keep an eye on him. Rana says he has let Vanraj stay in this palace till marriage. Mohini asks where his bride’s family is.

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