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Curse of the Sands 18 June 2021: Curse of the Sands update Friday 18th June 2021 Ram sees Siya underground. Ek Tu hai..ek jaan hai…song…plays in the background. He hurriedly tries to dig ground. Mohini emerges and shouts he is only her and should realize the fact, he cannot forgot 500-year-old love for his just 5-year-old love. Ram s ays he always loved Siya and will always be, Mohini will not get him even in 7 lives. Mohini shouts enough now and turns into Ravan with multiple heads. She shouts she will end Kunwar Saa to get her Rana saa. Dayimaa’s head is shocked to see that and thinks Mohini is more powerful than she thought, what black m agic she is playing.

Ram pleads Siya to wake up soon. Mohini lifts Ram in air and throws him fair away. She tortures him brutally. Ram starts bleeding and falls on Siya’s grave again and pleads her to wake up. His blood falls on Siya’s forehead. Ram reminisces Siya requesting to get sindhoor for her. Siya gets back to life and comes up breaking grave. Mohini is shocked seeing her alive and asks how did she get back her life. Siya says Ram’s love brought her back to life, now she will end chudail like Ram ended Ravan. Mohini says enough now, she will kill her before that, though may be alive or not. She attacks Siya with her black magic. Siya falls far away and writhes in pain.

Siya sees Ramayan in front of her and Ram reciting Ramayan. Ram and Siya then hold Ramayan and walk towards Mohini saying her end is inevitable today, she can dare to escape from god’s power. Mohini walks back shouting to stay away. Siya says she cannot escape from god’s power and walk towards her. Mohini disappears in tree. Siya shouts she will find her soon and end her. Ram holds Siya and their eyes lock…

Dayimaa’s head taunts Mohini with her own dialogues Bawri banaya bada mazaa aaya, ret ki dulhan, chudail ki chaal, bhura jaadoo; nothing could help her get Kunwar saa and Mohini failed. Mohini angrily attacks Dayimaa’s head with sword and cuts into two pieces, asks to laugh now. Dayimaa’s head unites again and she laughs saying she could not harm Siya and Ram at all and and Siya took away Ram. Mohini thinks she will not accept defeat so easily.

Ram and Siya reach back their palace. Guards chant Kunwar Rani Saa ki jai..Kunwar saa ki jai… Dadimaa hugs Ram and Siya and says she is happy seeing them back, asks Ram how did he get injured. Guards say their Kunwar Saa and Kunwar Rani saa fought against chudail and defeated her. Ram and Siya walk into palace where Mohini does their aarti. Siya sees blood stained foot steps and asks Mohini if she is injured. Mohini says it is a minor injury. Her puppets from behind say Mohini climbed 5000 steps of temple and danced vigorously for Kunwar saa and Kunwar Rani saa’s safety and her feet got severely injured with blisters. Mohini orders them to go and smirks. They walk away like robots.

Dadimaa hugs Mohini thanking her for her sacrifice and gives her Dayimaa’s responsibility and says she will take care of all responsibilities Dayimaa as doing. Dayimaa sees that via black magic and pleads Dadimaa not to do that. Mohini smirks at her. Dadimaa yells she does not know why Dayimaa betrayed them and tried to kill Siya. Vivian says not to worry, he will find old hog Dadyimaa and punish her. Siya slaps him and warns to dare not speak ill about Dayimaa, Dayimaa would die 1000 times before trying to kill me, she would never think of harm me and did it helplessly. Dayimaa gets emotional hearing tht and says she knew Siya is really a devi. Mohini fumes hearing that. Dayimaa calls Mohini there and taunts. Mohini strangulates her and says she will bury her deep underground if she does not shut her mouth.

After sometime, Siya sees Ram packing clothes and asks what is he doing. Ram says he booked chartered flight and they will leave for London in the morning, there will be no more Dayimaa or chudail. Siya says they are not going anywhere as story has not ended here and reminds him about their family curse going since generations, she does not want their children to suffer similarly. Ram says if she is talking about children, he is ready. She says she wants to end curse for their future generations, so if he is with her in this fight. Ram promises he will support her in all her decisions. Mohini stands fuming seeing that.

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