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Curse of the Sands 2 July 2021: Mohini gets afraid seeing huge snake emerging from snake nest. Siya asks her not to worry as snake is their family diety and has always protected them. Durga Dayi praises that Siya did not get afraid of snake and even did not harm it, so she can take forehead jewelry from snake. Siya takes it. Mohini smirks and takes her back to haveli. Siya keeps forehead jewelry into a box with sindhoor bottle. Ram stone head turns human. Siya gets happy seeing that and picks aarti food thali for him.

Ram warns her against Mohini that there is no curse on Mohini and she is up to something. Mohini throws thali and dances that they are romancing, but they don’t know that only she will win. Dadima brings food thali again. Siya feeds Ram. Mohini taunts it is waste to feed a stone. Siya says that is the difference between them. Mallika on Mohini’s order mops floor yelling that she was better as a fashion designer in US. Vivian calls her mom and asks to get him something to eat. She yells he is of her grandfatehr’s age now and even if she brings food, how will he eat.

Mohini takes Siya to her secret place and shows first part of 3rd puzzle. Mohini reads it and realizes it is mogra flower’s gajra/flower. Puzzle solves. Mohini praises her and shows 2nd part. Siya solves it as and old flower tree and thinks where is flower tree in this desert area. She reminisces playing tennis with Ram near an old tree and when rocket falls on tree Ram asks Dayimaa to get it cut. Dayimaa says this tee was very useful sometime ago and since it is old now, they cannot cut it. She walks near tree and thinks where she will find mogra flower gajra here. Dayimaa emerges wear flowers on tree and asks what happened now. Mohini says Siya is searching mogra gajra, hep her. Dayimaa emerges in front of Siya next.

Ram in palace asks Dadimaa to explain Siya that Mohini is misguiding her and is up to something. Dadimaa says she senses upcoming trouble. Raj Jyotishya enters and says doubt is right. Durga dayi suggests Siya to dig a ground in front of tree. Siya digs and finds a box. She picks it and finds mogra flower in it. Mohini praises her and says she did not smell mogra since 500 years. Durga Dayi warns Siya that Mohini is fooling her.

Curse of the Sands Friday 2 July 2021: Durga Dayi warns insani chudail/Siya that Mohini chudail is fooling her and trying to misuse her situation. Mohini nervously warns Durga Dayi not to create doubt in her sautan’s mind and disappears with Siya. Siya preparing gajra from flowers reminisces seeing no change in Ram’s idol and Raj Jyotishji telling her third puzzle must not be complete. Out of flashback, Siya tries to prepare gajra from thread and thread breaks. She rechants puzzle and realizes she has to prepare gajra from her hair strands. She does same and solves puzzle. Ram’s body till waste turns back to nromal from stone. He rejoices and asks Siya to hug him. She does. A romantic song..plays in the background. Mohini thinks their romance will end soon once she gets what she wants. She orders her Maya and Madira to pour hot water on Ram. They do same. Ram shouts in pain. Siya pleads Mohini to spare her husband and when she does not tries to slap her. Mohini holds her hand and says she did a mistake last and her husband is suffering now, if she does it again, she knows what will happen to her husband. Siya bends and pleads. Ram asks her not to do that. Maya and Madira continue pouring hot water on him on Mohini’s order. Siya falls on Mohini’s feet and pleads. Mohini orders Maya and Madira to stop and asks Siya to rest now as she has to solve 4th puzzle tomorrow. Ram and Siya get emotional again.

Mallika whole cooking food blabbers that Mohini is jealous of her beauty, so she is troubling her. She turns and gets tensed seeing Mohini behind her. Mohini asks if she is so beautiful, then she should be knowing dance and orders her to dance for her. Mallika does mujra disguised as a consort in front of Mohini and then once she is finished with her mujra pleads her to spare her son and return his youth. Mohini warns her to be in her limits.

Curse of the Sands update Friday 2 July 2021: Siya cries in front of Dadimaa. Dadimaa asks reason. Ram says that Siya thinks she failed to protect her family members. Dadimaa says they are all alive because of Siya, so she should not feel guilty. Mohini takes Siya to her secret room again and shows her 4th puzzle. Siya solves first part of puzzle as mangalsutra and then next part as honeyweb in which mangalsutra is hidden. Mohini says there is a honeyweb on Behramgarh’s each wall, how will they distinguish.

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