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Curse of the Sands 21 May 2021 Mohini walks towards room to get Ranasaaa’s blood drops. Dayimaa senses it and walks into room, sees Ram’s step brother Vivian says she sensed something is wrong with him from before, why did he come here. She drags him saying she will make him open his mouth via Dadimaa. He instead calls his mother, Ram, Siya, etc.. They all walk in. Step brother alleges that Dayimaa is doing black magic here.

Dayimaa says it is her house and she can do anything she wants. Step mother Mallika alleges Dayimaa that she is doing black magic on Ram to kill by making fake stories of chudail, etc.

Vivian asks Ram to question Dayimaa why she is doing black magic then. Ram slaps Vivian and warns to dare not to doubt Dayimaaa. Dadimaa also warns that this is Dayimaa’s house and she is very loyal to Sisodia family, she has every right to do whatever she wants here, nobody has right to question her. Mohini watches drama invisible sucks Ranasaa’s blood and escapes. Vivian continues that Dayimaa is doing black magic on blood drops. They see blood drops missing.

Ram orders him to go to his room. Dadimaa also orders Vivian and Mallika to go away from there and be in their limits. Dayimaa thinks Vivian or Mallika cannot be chudails, then who is chudail who sucked blood from here. Guruji says she is right, they need to find out real chudail among them. Dayimaa says Siya’s love will protect Ram from chudail.

Next morning, Dayimaa walks to Siya and asks her if Ram was romantic or fuming last night. Siya shies. Dayimaa says she should prepares Ram’s favorite dishes for him and get into his heart via his stomach, then Ram will roam around her madly. Siya says Dayimaa is giving romantic gyaan, she will follow it though. She walks into kitchen and tells cook Madan kaka that she will prepare food for Ram today, he has so many favorite dishes and she needs Madan kaka’s help to prepare them all fast.

Madan agrees and takes her towards kitchen. Mohini thinks she will do bhura jadoo/black magic on Ram via food and gets Ram’s favorite dishes via black magic. Siya walks in and is shocked to see that. She asks what is she doing here. Mohini says she prepared them all. Madan kaaks scolds it is his kitchen and how dare Mohini to enter there, when did she prepare these dishes. Mohini says she used to cook in some other house before and if Siya does not like it, she will throw all dishes. Siya says they all will have Mohini’s prepared food, she will prepare food tomorrow. Mohini smirks.

Mohini thinks once Ram eats her food, she will conquer his all 5 senses, sense of taste, vision, touch, etc. She blows black magic on sleeping Ram and all his 5 senses glow.

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