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Curse of the Sands 23 July 2021: Curse of the Sands update Friday 23rd July 2021 Sia recalling Daima’s love on seeing her. She cries. Ungli pakad ke…plays… She gets laddoos for Daima. Daima gets shocked and says Sia… Sia opens arms to hug her. She cries. Sia says you couldn’t identify me when my appearance changed. Daima says I felt some connection with you, forgive me. Sia asks how did this happen. Daima says forget it, tell me, how did you get saved, where were you for one year.

Sia says Rajpurohit and Vanraj saved my life, I was at his place. Daima says Rajpuroshit promised me and he kept it, what’s this appearance, you have lost your beauty for your love. Sia says my love was never dependent on my beauty, where is Dadima. Daima says Mohini caught me and Ranisa here. Sia asks where did she take Dadima. Daima says don’t worry, Mohini will never kill Ranisa, she can’t read Rajya Granth without Ranisa. Sia says I won’t let her do this, I will find Dadima. Daima says she had cut my head when I refused to kill you on her saying, don’t cry, everything will get fine, sunlight will appear again in this village, because you are back, Mohini can’t keep you and Ram away.

Rajpurohit says I can’t see anyone else than Bindu. Bindu asks Vanraj to swear that he won’t see any other girl than Jhumri. Rajpurohit says yes, go it. Jhumri keeps Ramayan back. She says I don’t want any promise from Vanraj. Bindu asks are you mad. Jhumri says I m fine now. She goes. DK is worried and tries to heal her wound. The Chudails laugh. DK says I will not leave Kali, she is Vibhishan of Lanka, I will find her truth. Sia says I m not able to do anything, I have to end Ram’s alcohol addiction.

Daima says Mohini has made him addicted since a year. Sia says yes, I will reform Ram. Daima asks but how. DK comes there. Sia hides. DK keeps the food and goes. DK asks why do you look happy. Daima asks can anyone come here except you all. DK says you are right. She goes. Daima blesses Sia. Sia leaves. DK looks on and thinks my doubt was right, Kali was inside, Daima had hidden her, but why, maybe she had taken Mohini’s nail from her cut hand, Kali did magic on Mohini, I have to keep an eye on her.

Vanraj says you know it well, I don’t love you. Jhumri says we were good friends before our marriage was fixed, you just have anger for me now, you don’t love me now, I lost my best friend, I know you don’t love me but I love you a lot, friendship is imp than love, can we become friends like before, I promise that I won’t talk of love and marriage again. He agrees and holds her hand. He says you will be always mad. She hugs him and thinks our friendship will take me to that girl, I will kill her.

Ram sits drinking. He hears Kali’s voice. Kali says Mohini ji, your work will happen as you want, I got all the wine bottles, now Rana ji will be sunken in drinks, he won’t remember anything about himself, he won’t recall that girl. Ram looks on. He thinks why will Mohini keep me drunk intentionally, what is Kali saying.

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