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Curse of the Sands 27 August 2021: Curse of the Sands update Friday 27th August 2021 Siya enters and shouts sees Dayimaa stabbing Mann, but Ram comes in between and bears her stab. Siya runs to him while he falls down. Dayimaa shatters seeing that. Siya shouts at her to dare not come near Ram. Ram loses consciousness. Siya shouts Ram. The doctor does Ram’s stitching and says Ram will be alright soon, how did he get this injury. Ram says he got injured during sword fight practice. 

Doctor asks him to take care of himself and leaves. Siya asks Maya to Mann inside the home. Dayuimaa holds Mann’s hand and says this evil boy will not stay in this house. Siya stops Dayimaa and sends Mann to his room via Maya. Dayimaa reveals that Mann is an evil child and is bad blood. Siya shouts she will not hear anything ill regarding Mann, he is Ram’s son and the Sisodia family’s heir. Dayimaa says but.. Siya shouts when she wanted Sisodia’s family’s heir and when she got one, she wants to kill him, how can Dayimaa change so much. Dayimaa says she is the same and can go to any extent to protect her children from evil shadows. Siya shouts she got blind in her mother that she couldn’t see her children and attacked Ram in lieu of killing Mann. Dayimaa says Mann created a situation where they are doubting her motherhood.

Dayimaa continues Siya and says she can do anything to protect the Sisodia family. Siya shouts that children are not evil from birth and become good or bad via upbringing, she taught this and herself forgot it; she is not in a position to hear her, Mann will stay in this house and she will get Mann his right on Janmashtami and make him Behramgarh’s heir. Dayimaa says if she does that, she will Mann. Siya shouts she is okay with a comment that she is bad bahu and a cunning mother, she will not hear anything against her son; to protect her family’s peace and Mann, Dayimaa should leave this house. Everyone present there is amazed to hear it.

Siya says she has to take a tough decision and send her mother out to protect her family. Ram asks Dayimaa how can she make such a big sin to hide his sin. Dayimaa says she was alive because of trust in her when she does not trust anymore and greeting Ram and Siya walks towards the door. Siya reminisces about Dayimaa’s love for her earlier. Ram reminisces the same. Once Dayimaa gets out of the house, Siya closes the door and cries hugging Ram.

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