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Curse of the Sands 4 June 2021: Curse of the Sands update Friday 4th June 2021 Hypnotized Ram breaks chains on Mohini’s orders. Mohini says that is like her Rana saa, let us go from here. Siya eagerly waits for her friend before starting yagna. Guddan from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega serial enters. Siya hugs her happily and says at last she came.

Guddan how could she miss, her flight got delayed, else she would have come early. She video calls Preetha of Kundali Bhagya who suggests Guddan to be patient and courageous as per Sai’s teachings. Guddan gifts devimaa’s bangles to Siya and leaves. Siya performs pooja praying Ganeshji and other gods. Pandit says pooja is complete, now they should call Kunwarsaa to start yagna. Dayimaa says she will bring Ram and walks into haveli.

Mohini says Kunwar let us go from here. Ram brutally trashes guards who try to stop him. Dayimaa reaches there and is shocked seeing Ram’s evil form and tries to stop him. Ram lifts her by neck and tries to strangulate him. Mohini says he cannot kill old woman easily and asks him to leave old woman and walk with her. Ram drops Dayimaa and walks out with Mohini. He climbs horse with Mohini and asks where are they going. She asks to just wait and watch and disappears with him and horse.

Everyone wait eagerly for Ram. Dayimaa comes and informs that evil spirit took Ram away. Siya tries to run searching him. Pandit says she cannot go, else yagna will spoil. He shows sky and fluttering flag and says already curse has started, so havan should be complete.

Dadimaa asks how will yagna complete without Ram. Vedika from Apke Aajane Se serial enters saying havan can happen. Siya hugs her emotionally. Vedika greets Dayimaa and Dadimaa and says if the prepare Ram’s idol and make him sit in Ram’s place, havan can be performed and gives vedic example. She assures Siya that they both will make Ram’s idol.

Mohini takes Ram far away. Ram asks where did she bring him. She via black magic shows Ram’s previous life Rana Bhanupratap’s visuals riding horse and says they are made for each other since generations.

On the other side, Siya and Vedika prepare Ram’s idol. Dayimaa brings Ram’s pagdi and scarf and says they can perform yagna with this. Siya starts yagna…

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