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Curse of the Sands 6 August 2021: Curse of the Sands update Friday 6th August 2021 Madira sees Kali and Dayimaa planning against Mohini and warns them that she will expose their truth in front of Mohini. Dayimaa asks what will they do now. Kali says they will do as Madira told. Mohini strangulates her shadow for failing in her task. Shadow pleads to give her a chance and if she kills her, Mohini will lose one of her powers. Mohini says she is very powerful but will spare her one last time. Dayimaa walks to Mohini and lies that Madira is trying to lure Rana and wants to grab him from Mohini. Madira informs Maya that Kali is having an affair with Rana. Kali walks in and says Madira is lying and she herself is trying to lure Rana.

Vanraj takes bath in open and shouts reminiscing Siya promising to meet him, but did not come. He shouts why did she promise when she did not have to come. He walks into the jungle. Jhumri follows him thinking to find out whom he loves. Vanraj disappears. Jhumri thinks about where he escaped. Vanraj grabs her throat from behind and says he saw her at home itself and if he had killed her there, maa would have saved her, so he waited for a chance and now he will kill her. She pleads to spare her, but he pierces his nails into her throat.

Mohini’s shadow gets into Rana’s room and seeing his body when he gets out of the bathroom things he is so hot, that is why all chudails and humans are behind him. She grabs him and he warns him to not touch him, he knows boxing and needs be inform Mohini as nobody can touch him except Mohini. Shadow gets afraid and leaves. Kali walks in after some time. Rana holds her and says I love you. Their romance continues. Shadow watches them and informs Mohini that she saw a girl’s shadow with Rana. Mohini heads to Rana’s room and sees Madira under Ram instead. Madira tries to speak, but Mohini slaps her.

Mohini walks into Rana’s room and is shocked to see Rana over Madira in bed. She shouts Rana… Rana acts as afraid and walks aside. Mohini strangulates both Rana and Madira. Rana reminiscs getting a message from Dayimaa and planning to trap Madira and Mohini’s shadow in their own plan with Dayimaa’s help. He sprinkles flour on floor and acts as romancing Kali. Madira records their video while shadow watches them and walks away. Kali runs away nervously saying he is heavily inebriated. Rana then pulls Madira in and romances her saying Mohini trapped him, but he is mad behind Madira. Mohini kills Madira and continues strangulating Rana saying betraying Mohini means committing suicide. Dayimaa asks Kali to save Rana. Kali pleads Mohini to spare Rana as Mohini loves her. Mohini ignores her and continues strangulating Rana.

Kali runs away and hits her hand on the floor injuring it so that Mohini feels pain and leaves Rana. She then hits her head and collapses. Mohini backs off feeling severe pain and runs to Kali. Rana breaths a sigh of relief. Mohini revives Kali. Rana walks to Kali and asks what did she do. Kali signals him to kepe silent. Rana slaps her and scolds that could not she keep silent, Mohini would have used black magic and break her promise, he would not have minded dying. Mohini says it was her anger and not black magic, she would rather die than break her promise. She tells Kali that she knows Kali purposefully fell down to protect Rana from her. She praises Kali for saving Rana’s life, but she will not heal Kali’s wounds as nobody can go against her. She warns Rana if she cannot get him, nobody can and disappears from ther. Maya thinks whole Ghagrapaltan teaam is disappearing slowly, even she should. Rana walks to Kali and feels sad looking at her wounds and hugs her emotionally.

Jhumri pleads Vanraj to spare her as he is Raj Purohith’s son and cannot kill anyone. Vanraj says he cannot kill her, but wild animals can smelling her blood.

Mohini congratulates her shadow for succeeding in her mission and calls her to come near her. She gets tensed seeing shadow not returning to her and feels it is a signal of upcoming risk.

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