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Curse of the Sands 9 July 2021: Curse of the Sands update Friday 9th July 2021 Mohini draws Siya’s painting with closed eyes holding Rana/Ram’s hand. Rana is amused to see same girl’s painting. Siya wakes up from sleep shouting Ram and tells Vanraj that she has to meet Ram as his life is in danger. Mohini tells Rana that she thinks painting is complete and let her see who she is. Before she could see painting, Rana spoils it with black ink. Mohini shouts why did he do that, they should have found the girl together. Rana holds her neck and warns her to stay away from that girl and walks away. Fake Dayimaa taunts Mohini. Mohini says Rana did not lie her in 1 year, but today he did for a girl; she was not afraid till now as Ram loved only her and used girls for just lust, she has to find out that girl and finish her before Ram gets out of her control.

Siya runs towards Ram’s haveli calling him. Rana goes out of haveli to search her. Mohini walks behind him. Just when Siya is about to meet Ram when Vanraj reaches there and holds her, shutting her mouth. Rana senses Siya around him and panics. Mohini sees that and asks whom he is searching. He holds her tight and says only her, he cannot think anyone else except her. He lifts and carries her. Siya’s tear fall on ground seeing that. Mohini senses it and asks Rana to drop her down. Rana drops her and she goes searching for the signal she sensed just now, but does not find anyone. Rana thinks he has to keep Mohini engaged in his love and find that girl soon.

Curse of the Sands 9 July 2021: Vanraj takes Siya way to jungle and frees her. Siya shouts at him that her Ram was in trouble and Vanraj did not let her go. Vanraj confronts her that Ram is evil Rana now and just lusting her. Siya continues her one-sided track. Vanraj returns home. Kajri and Bindu rejoice seeing him returning alone and dance that Siya is out of their lives. Siya enters. Bindu with her blind eyes holds her and continues rejoicing thinking her as Kajri. Kajri signals her. Siya walks to her and cries reminiscing Ram trying to molest her. Lambi judaiii….song…plays in the background.

Curse of the Sands update Friday 9 July 2021: Fake Devki Dayimaa enjoys grapes lazing on couch. Mohini enters and scolds her. Village ladies enter praising Devki. Mohini fumes hearing that. Ladies thank Devki for letting them perform Ghangor pooja. Mohini gets more jealous hearing that.

Siya cries reminiscing romantic moments spent with Ram and changed new evil Rana. Lambi judayiii….song…plays in the background. Rana reminisces Siya slipping away from him and thinks his goal is now to find and get her. Vanraj sees Siya sitting without having food and says there are better ways to suicide than being hungry. Siya eats food. Kajri fumes seeing Vanraj’s attention towards Siya and fumes. In haveli, Mohini scolds fake Devki dayii/DK for keeping Gangor pooja at haveli without her permission and asks when they did not perform any pooja since a year, why did she keep this pooja. DK after a lot of overacting and drama says she has invited all Behramgarh’s women for pooja and even Rana’s love interest/Siya will come, then she can easily kill her.

Kajri informs Gulaab that Mohini and DK have organized ganghor pooja in haveli after 1 year, so they both should attend. Siya says even she will attend pooja and fast. Kajri warns to dare not fast for Vanraaj. Siya says she will fast for Ram. Vanraj enters and warns her not to fast for Rana and not to go to haveli for pooja as Mohini and DK have planned to trap her. Siya resists. Vanraj ties her in chains and walks away warning Kajri and Gulaab not to let her away. Gulaab says they should free Siya and let her go, they will get rid off her permanently. They both free Siya and let her go.

Vanraaj angrily cuts wooden log shouting he cannot let Siya go, but cannot see her in pain. Raj jyotishji walks in and warns him to call Siya’s name with respect as Kunwarrani saa. Vanraaj says for him, she is just Siya and he loves her. Raj jyotishji warns him to be in his limits. Vanraaj says he hates Raj jyotishji’s failures and reminds that he lost his sister and Raj jyotishji his daughter because of Mohini and Rana.

Curse of the Sands Friday 9 July 2021 update: A lady walks to DK with sweets and congratulates her for organizing pooja after 1 year. She asks about Siya. DK says she is up in her room. Woman hesitates, but DK says she need not fear. Lady goes to Mohini’s room and gets afraid seeing a chudail. Mohini sucks lady completely and turns back to human. Her ghagra paltan team gets out of her body and they all walk to DK and ask her to get new girls soon before they feel hungry again. Rana walks down and says they have not left a young girl in Behramgarh and warns Mohini to cancel pooja.

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