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Curse of the Sands 26 July 2021: DK reminisces Mohini punishing her by cutting her hands trusting Kaali/Siya. She thinks she was insulted because of Kali and will kill Kali like a dog. Kali walks in asking to kill her then. DK warns to be in her limits. Kali reminds how she kept Daimaa beheaded for so many years and even she will be beheaded soon. DK thinks she will use Dayimaa’s head to kill Kali. Kali thinks she will reach Dayimaa via DK. 

At Vanraj’s house, Jhumri asks Vanraj to apply mehandi on her hands and explains significance of Piya milan teej. Vanraj thinks of applying his named menahndi on Siya’s hand. Jhumri smirks. Bindu walks in and asks which is this fake ritual now. Jhumri says Vanraj rushed to apply mehandi on his new love, she will find out who this new sautan is and will kick her out of Vanraj’s life. Bindu praises her intelligence.

Rana walks to Kali. Kali wears her helmet hurriedly. Rana asks if he started searching the girl. She says no and asks if he is inebriated. He says no. She smells him and asks why is he lying. He says to misguide Mohini. She says he had 2 pegs today, soon he should get sober. Rana asks to start searching girl now. Kali picks sketch and it flies away. They both run behind it. Mohini ascends steps and sketch falls in front of her. Siya starts her drama diverting her attention and hiding paper. Mohini notices it and asks to give paper to her. Siya swallows paper and blames Rana that he asked her to eat it. Rana says Kali is her slave and she has to obey him. Kali’s drama continues.

Jhumri and Bindu follow Vanraj who reaches shiv temple and saying he will follow piya milan teej ritual today, writes Siya’s name with knife on his hand. They both get worried for him. On the other side, Siya meets dayimaa’s head and explaining Raj jyotishji’s words that DK’s body is huma and if Mohini harms it, DK cannot revive her body with sand and needs other chudail’s body. She assures Dayimaa that she will get find out where Dayimaa’s body is via DK. She walks to DK and provoking her tries to find out where Dayimaa’s body is, but DK does not reveal it and walks away saying this place has many secrets hidden and she will not know what will happen next.

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