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Curse of the Sands 30 August 2021: Curse of the Sands update Monday 30th August 2021 A lady saves Mann from the lake and does his CPR. Siya’s immersed god’s idol also reciprocates. Lady lifts Mann thinking she needs to take him to the hospital and walks on the road when a car rams her and she falls down with Mann and collapses. In the palace, Bindu requests Siya to have some food when Siya says she will not have even a drop of water until Mann returns home. Mann enters calling rasgulla. Siya hugs him and asks where is Ram. 

Ram enters lifting the unconscious woman and makes her sleep on the sofa. Everyone is amazed to see that. Siya asks who is she. Ram says she is the one who saved Mann. Siya asks what. Ram calls the doctor. Lady wakes up and asks Mann if he is fine. He nods yes. She then scolds Siya in Gujrati that she is a careless mother who cannot take care of her child, asks if she is a stepmother. Mann warns her to dare not to speak ill about his rasgulla. Siya cries hugging Mann.

In the temple, Pandit’s aide dances thinking the evil child went away from Behramgarh. Dayimaa says the evil children will not go away so easily and will return. Bindu calls her and informs them that Mann is back home. In the palace, the lady starts doing the Garba and collapses again.

The doctor checks her. Lady gets up and starts her drama again asking who is she and where is she. The doctor says she got partial amnesia. Ram says she saved his son Mann. She remembers and says just when she saved Mann and was walking on the road, someone rammed his car on her and she collapses. Ram says it was him. Lady yells at him in Gujarati again.

Mallika warns him to behave with the prince. Lady continues yelling. Siya asks Mallika to respect women as she saved Mann. Lady collapses again. Doctor asks it is common in partial amnesia and they need to file a police complaint to find out who this woman is. Jhumri sees Monika written on her hand. Ram tells Siya that Dayimaa must have done this and files a police complaint against her. Police search Dayimaa in the temple and ask Pandit to inform them if Dayimaa comes there.

Siya gets a cradle for Janmashtami and insists Ram accept Mann as his heir by letting Mann in the cradle as Bal Krishna. Ram says he cannot and she should understand his situation. Siya picks her bags and says she will leave his house forever if he does not agree. Ram pleads to change her decision. Siya says after Janmashtami she will leave his house.

Siya threatens Ram to leave his house if he doesn’t accept Mann as his legal heir. Mann asks rasgulla/Siya if Khajoor is troubling her again. Ram angrily warns him to shut up as all his problems are because of him. Siya confronts to behave with Mann reminding him of his promise. Ram says do hell with the promise, what happened to the promises she made during pheras; she ruined his life by bringing this illegitimate child.

Gopika walks in clapping and slams Ram alleging that he threw Mann in the dustbin and tried to kill her and Mann via car accident. Ram stands silently. Siya warns to dare speak ill about her husband, he will not stoop so low. Gopika says she is taking her husband’s side like a true wife. She then asks Mann to always love his mother and be loyal to her. Mann says rasgulla is not his mother, she is his mother instead. Gopika hopes if she was her mother and asks not to play with her mother’s feelings, murmurs in his ears something. Maya informs that villagers have come to celebrate Janmashtami. Siya takes Mann to get him ready.

Siya gets Mann ready as Bal Krishna. Mann continues questioning her and she answers his questions. He sees bansuri/flute and asks if he has to beat evils with this stick. Siya says it is bansuri and plays it. Gopika braiding her hair in the room gets mesmerized with a bansuri sound. Bindu enters asking her if she is not yet ready. Gopika asks who is playing bansuri. Bindu says only Siya can play. Gopika says she feels like dancing to the tune. Bindu walks away asking to get ready soon. Gopika makes evil expressions. Mann says even he will play bansuri and picks it when Gopika enters and stops him. Siya asks why is she stopping Mann. She says let us go and celebrate Janmashtami with others.

Siya with Mann and Gopika walks down and asks if all arrangements are made for drama. Bindu says Ravan has not come. Dayimaa enters disguised as Ravan holding Dahi handi in which she hid Shivji’s prasad. Siya thinks she heard Dayimaa’s voice. Dayimaa hopes Siya doesn’t identify her. She says she was practicing to fight with Bal Gopal and says let us start drama. Ram asks Siya why she is not yet ready. Siya says she already told him she will not until she accepts his demand. Ram takes her aside and requests to stop her adamancy. Siya says she will not until he accepts her demand and walks out.

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