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Curse of the Sands 4 October 2021: Amar and Ananya were about to get in the temple corner. Shiv pulls him and presses his nails into his chest, Amar bleeding now. Ananya prays for help from God to stop Shiv. She brings sindoor, throws it over Shiv, and pulls Amar behind.

Sunanda speaks from upstairs that she will show them what she is. She flies up in the air and then lands downstairs in the hall. Amma Ji faints out of fear. Everyone else was also terrified.
Shiv faces a protective shield around the temple corner. He makes multiple attempts to enter the circle. Ananya cries in front of the temple and pleads to God for help, Shiv’s Rudraksha also went missing. She brings water to Amar who felt bad and had started coughing badly. Ananya finds Shiv’s Rudraksha fall from his pocket. She looks quizzical and questions how he got this. Amar says he found it on the way. Ananya was grateful to God.

Everyone in Panday Nivas was terrified of four Sunanda.

Ananya moves ahead with the Rudraksh. Amar tries to stop her, but she says today if she doesn’t move forward, she might lose her Shiv forever. Shiv moves ahead to attack Ananya but Ananya comes into his hug and puts the Rudraksh around his neck. The sun rises. Shiv turns to human.

Sunanda loses her powers. She silently thinks it seems she lost once again, Shiv was saved from turning into a devil. Amma Ji calls from upstairs to get hold of Sunanda as there is a terrible witch inside her.
Ananya cries in relief. Shiv joins his hands to Ananya and Amar as if only this Rudraksha hadn’t fallen off and he must have been fine. Ananya hugs Shiv. He goes to take Amar into his hug as well.

Sunanda resists the family as they tie her to a wooden bed. Kamal brings a Tantric Baba who treats Sunanda against her resistance. He suggests there is a dangerous witch inside her. Everyone from the house uses the broomsticks, peacock feathers, or Sindoor to beat her well. Shiv, Amar and Ananya return. Ananya goes to save her mother. Shiv whispers to Amar that it seems they know her reality. Ananya goes to save her mother and untie her.

Amar goes to throw the Tantric Baba out of the house. Ananya hugs Sunanda. Sunanda says she is clueless about how it happened. They all used to call her a witch but now they have believed she is the real witch. That Tantric must have killed her today. Rekha convinces Ananya of what happened. Ananya asks what Sunanda wronged if the salt was a little fast or her hot water was left warm. Kamal tells Ananya there were four Sunanda in the house last night. Ananya looks towards Sunanda who denies. Ananya wasn’t convinced. Kamal insists that it happened. Sunanda pulls Ananya and asks her to forget about it. She asks why they all are bleeding and how they got the injuries. Shiv turns around. Sunanda wishes Mann feels for her pains. Amma Ji pulls Ananya away from Sunanda and orders Sunanda to leave the house. Ananya was protective of her mother. She says she never expected this from him.

Ketki also convinces Ananya that Sunanda twisted Nani’s arm and threw tea over her mother. Ananya now forcefully twists Ketki’s arm and throws the water over her. She didn’t trust anyone against her mother. She says her acts must also have turned her into a witch then. She beats herself using the rope used to tie Sunanda. Shiv stops Ananya who was now crying. She swears to Mahadev she won’t spare anyone who goes against her mother. Sunanda goes inside with Ananya.

In the room, Ananya cleans Sunanda’s face. She says the one who suffers is a bigger sinner than the one inflicting the violence. Now, she will stand for her mother in front of all of them. She kisses Sunanda’s forehead, tells her to freshen up while she will bring turmeric milk for her. Sunanda silently thinks Ananya was just in the right time today, else they must have handed her to the Tantric. She at once feels dizzy and blurred. She gets shocks. She goes to the mirror and calls Mohini to reveal herself. She cries that Shiv has left her all alone, she has been unable to get her powers and son both. She gets fits, tries to hold the glass of water but it turns into ice. She wonders if this all is a result of the events last night between the three children. She decides to meet Mann.

Shiv was trying Dai Maa’s number but it goes unanswered. Furiously, he punches his hand with the hall, throws away the bedsheet. He thinks about his attacks on Ananya and Amar, and how close he had been to kill Ananya and Amar. He was sorry to both of them. Sunanda calls him Mann and his attention goes towards Sunanda at the door.

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