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Curse of the Sands 9 August 2021: Curse of the Sands update Monday 9th August 2021 Mohini’s hands are tied. She pleads with DK/Dayimaa to help her. Dayimaa says how can she as Mohini cut her hands, thinks she will not help Mohini, let her die. They hear someone laughing. Mohini’s hands disintegrate and she is freed. Dayimaa asks what is happening. Mohini says someone has captured her shadow and using it against her, without her shadow her powers are incomplete. In the jungle, Vanraj tries to attack Rana when Raj Jyotishji stabs Vanraj from behind. Kali takes Rana from there. Vanraj is shocked to see his father Raj Jyotishji stabbing him. 

Raj Jyotishji says Dayimaa called and informed him that Vanraj is trying to kill Kunwarsaaa. Vanraj says nobody can kill him and tries to heal his wound but fails. Raj Jyotishji says he smeared 100 snakes’ poison on the knife and stabbed him. Vanraj dies frothing from his mouth. Jhumri rushes in and cries seeing Vanraj dead. Vanraj wakes up when she touches her. She pleads not to kill her. He says she saved him, why will he kill her. He hugs her and thinks Siya saved him instead of looking at Siya’s life thread which he snatched from her. He asks if she can help her. Jhumri agrees.

Siya takes Rana back to the palace. He thanks her for saving him again and asks who was that man. She hesitates. He insists. Mohini calls Rana, Kali, Maya. They rush to Mohini. Mohini says she trusted Kali, but she kidnapped her shadow, where is it. Kali says she will never betray her. Dayimaa says Kali is right, she cannot even hold the cup properly, forget kidnapping Shadow. Mohini then alleges Rana. Rana says he is not interested in her shadow. Dayimaa asks Maya to escape from here before Mohini kills her. Maya tries to leave, but Mohini holds her neck. Kali asks her to spare Maya, else she will be left alone without any support. Mohini asks how dare she is to stop her. Kali says she is her well-wisher and they all will search shadow. Mohini leaves. Rana drags Kali saying she has to answer his questions first.

Mohini thinks who dared to kidnap her shadow and even attack her. She hears her shadow pleading for help and thinks someone is trying to play with her; whoever it, if he/she thinks she can use her shadow against her, he/she does not know Mohini considers herself important than anyone else and before he/she weakens her, she will kill her shadow and then him/her.

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