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Curse of the Sands 10 July 2021: Curse of the Sands update Saturday 10th July 2021 Rana warns Mohini if something happens to that girl/Siya before he meets her, Mohini knows what he can do. He walks away ordering to cancel pooja. Mohini tries to stop him in vain. DK walks behind Rana and holding his hand says she is calling him since long. He warns how dare she is to touch him. She says she does not need courage to speak truth and says he needs that girl and she needs glory back in this place as she is missing parties, so she is sure that girl would attend Gangor pooja and he enjoys that girl like he usually does with every other girl, he should let Mohini kill her.

Rana likes her idea and says she should plan it well. DK walks to Mohini who fumes shouting what she is up to and shoot bulet from her hand. DK stops it with her hand via black magic and asks her to stop wasting her energy and conserve it for Gangor pooja.

Curse of the Sands update Saturday 10 July 2021: Next day, Siya with Kajri and Gulabo reaches haveli wearing veil and joins other ladies for gangor pooja. Ladies praise DK and Mohini for organizing pooja after a long time. Rana walks to them and orders Vivian to close the main door. Women get afraid hearing him and remembering his evil nature and cry loudly. Rana orders them to stand in a que and lift their veil one by one. Siya thinks her Ram used to perform Gangor pooja with hr, but he has turned raavan. Kajri and Gulabo think Siya will be caught now and they will get rid off her. Vanraj reaches home and does not find Siya there, he rushes towards palace. Rana checks each woman’s face and getting disappointed not finding Siya orders Vivian to send everyone away. Siya relaxes and tries to leave. Kajri keeps her leg on Siya’s veil. Veil falls down, but Rana does not notice her.

Siya sees DK and thinking her as Dayimaa runs towards her and excitedly asks if she is alive. DK asks who is she. Women rejoice seeing Siya alive and discuss that with Kunwar rani saa’s return, their hope has raised again. DK holds Siya’s hand. Siya is shocked to see that. DK calls Mohini..

DK holds Siya and calls Mohini to come fast, sautan has come. Siya is shocked to see Dayimaa’s changed behavior. Mohini hears DK and runs towards them. A lion enters. All ladies panic and run away. Siya tries to free herself, but DK does not leave her. Vanraj pulls DK’s hair. Siya escapes. DK’s eyes turn red and she tries to hit Vanraj. Vanraj holds her hand and pushes her away. She falls down. He escapes with Siya from there. Mohini reaches there and asks DK what happened. DK says she saw sautan. Rana enters and asks whom did she see. Mohini nervously says nobody. Rana warns not to lie to him. Mohini says she saw lion who dared to enter haveli. Rana walks away.

Vanraj takes Siya home and scolds her if she has gone mad to go there, when Mohini can kill Siya, she can hypnotize even Dayimaa. Siya shouts Dayimaa is more than her mother, but why was she submitting her to Mohini. Vanraj says she was evil and not Dayimaa. Raj Jyotishji says she was Mohini’s Ghagra paltan team member and is very powerful. Siya asks where is her dayimaa. Vanraj says she is so selfish, to save her Behramgarh’s women faced humiliation by Rana, but she selfishly wants to get Ram; because of her, an innocent Tanti was killed by Mohini. Jhumri shouts Siya had to die, but innocent Tanti died. Vanraj slaps Jhumri and asks if she freed Siya to get her killed. Bindu says she freed Siya as she lost her daughter because of Siya, she will not let her stay here. Vanraj stops her and says she was even his sister and they lost because of ourselves. Raj Jyotishji says there are more tough times ahead as Devaki/DK saw Siya and now Mohini will create havoc.

Curse of the Sands Saturday 10 July 2021 Mohini thinks how can sautan be alive when she herself killed her. DK says she herself saw sautan and even ladies who attended pooja. Next morning, Mohini calls ladies and asks who saw Kunwar rani. They stand dumb afraid. Mohini holds a lady and warns to tell truth, else she knows what she can do. Siya via temple window watches them. Another lady comes in front and says she will. Mohini asks where is sautan. Lady says she knows and walks towards temple. Vanraj hides Siya and asks her not to worry as he will kill chudail if need be. Raj Jyotishji says he knows chudail is very powerful than him and he cannot kill her. Bindu and Kajri yell at Siya.

Mohini walks toward temple with lady. Lady shows Siya Ram serial’s Siya’s video and says whole village is watching this serial. D yells if she is lying. Lady says this is siya mata. DK says Mohini is talking about Kunwar rani saa. Everyone from behind say they did not see Kunwar rani saa since 1 year. DK shouts she swears she saw Siya. Someone says she must have misunderstood. DK slaps her and tries to convince Mohini. Mohini slaps her and walks away shouting what a blo*dy waste of time.

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