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Curse of the Sands 22 May 2021: Curse of the Sands update Saturday 22nd May 2021 Ram tastes food and says food is very tasty. Mohini thinks Rana Saa will taste her food and will be mad behind her thereafter. Dayimaa asks Ram if he liked food so much, he should kiss cook’s hands. Siya realizes that Dayimaa thinks she prepared food. Ram says guys don’t misunderstand me and asks Madan kaka to extend his hand. Madan says he did not prepare food, one who captured his kitchen. Dayimaa warns him to dare not insult Kunar ranisaa. Mohini extends her hand and says she prepared food today.

Vivian gets jealous thinking he wanted to kiss Mohini’s hand, but she wants Ram to kiss her hand. Dayimaa warns Mohini to back off, else she will cut her hands. Mohini says she was just obeying Rana saa. Siya says Mohini prepared food today before she reached and asks her to go in. Ram stops Mohini and says he will keep his promise, be it Mohini or Madan maharaj. Dayimaa says he does not have to. He insists and kisses Mohini’s hand, submitting his sense of touch to her. Mohini emotionally touches her hand and with black magic looks sits closer to Ram. Aaja re…song..plays in the background. Her ghagra paltan emerges congratulating her.

Out of black magic, Ram says he wants to reward Moini and looks at Siyaram’s bracelet in his hand. Siya fumes and thinks if he gives her bracelet, she will kill him. He looking at Siya gives his diamond ring to Mohini and says this is not tip, this is his token of thanks. Mohini walks away happily. Jealous Siya pours hot kadi on Ram. Ram shouts it is burning. Siya says this is what happens when one’s eyes on someone else. Mohini dances in her room and thinks soon she will conquer Ram’s all 5 senses and then he will be mad behind her.

Madan cook walks back to kitchen fuming and thinks what did Mohini mix in food that Kunwar saa was praising her so much. He tastes food and spits it saying it is so tasteless, even his assistant can prepare better food. He then tastes Ram’s plate food and finds it saltless and panics that chudail has attacked haveli. Food disappears. He tries to run away when Mohini enters and tortures him. Dayimaa with Jalebi passes by angry on Mohini’s misdeeds when they hear utensils falling in kitchen and walk towards it. Mohini continues punishing Madan. Dadyimaa opens door and stands shocked.

Mohini kills Madan stuffing his mouth into burning kadhai. Just then, Dayimaa with Jalebienters and seeing Madan’s mouth into kadhai asks what happened to him. Madan wakes up and cries that chudail Mohini has come and captured his kitchen, she controlled whole family with her food, now there is no place for him in this haveli. Dayimaa thinks he is jealous of Mohini and says nobody will take his job, she brought him here when he was a kid, she will protect him. Once Dayimaa walks away, Mohini praises Madan’s ghost for handling the situation and says his kitchen is hers from hereon. He nods yes. She says she will prepare food for Rana saa and he will make sure there is no salt in it as it is antidote to her bhura jadoo/black magic. Madan’s ghost nods yes. She walks out of kitchen.

Dayimaaa notices Mohini getting out of kitchen and asks Jalebi if Mohini was inside kitchen when they went there. Jalebi says no. Dayimaa says she doubts Mohini since the beginning and orders Jalebi to spy on Mohini and find out what she is up to. Jalebi asks what if Mohini is chudail. Dayimaa says even she can be chudail. Jalebi says she is not. Dayimaa asks her to go and complete her task then. Mohini watches everything from her room and tells her ghagra paltan team that old woman is doubting her and will do something, they have to do something before she does.

Dadimaa requests Ram to be careful as his life is in danger. Ram thinks Siya’s life is in danger instead and says he does not believe in all this and walks out even while Dadimaa sits worried for him. Dayimaa hears that and assures Dadimaa that Siya will protect Ram.

Dayimaa meets Guruji wearing dupatta on her in sari drying area. Guruji also disguises as woman wearing dupatta. Dayimaaa says chudail has already entered haveli and she is worried for Ram as chudail will start her bhura jadoo, they have to find out who chudail is. Gurji says they can find it only via chhal bhedan yagna by praying devimaa and Siya has to do it. Dayimaa says Siya considers devimaa as her mother after losing her parents. Guruji says then there is no problem at all. Dayimaa says Siya trusted devimaa like her mother, but Devimaa took away everything from her, since then Diya has taken oath not to pray devimaa. Guruji says she has to convince Siya somehow and Siya has to apply uptan/herbal paste over her body to protect herself from chudail’s attack.

Mohini searches dayimaa all around and sends her team to search. She checks haveli’s each room and corner via black magic and does not find her, shouts where she must have gone. Her team also says they did not find her. Dayimaa walks to Siya and says she has to do pooja for Ram’s sake. Siya does not agree initially, but gives up when Dayimaaa says it is Ram’s life’s question. Mohini watches everything and fumes. Dayimaa asks Jalebi to bring uptan. Siya asks if she knew she would agree. Dayimaa says she knows Siya well and says with uptan she will look more beautiful and Ram will not go away from her. Ram hears that and thinks he wants to get away from Siya, but Dayimaa is increasing his problems. Mohini fumes watching all this and once they all walk away enters and spoils uptan with her gaze. Her team shout not to do that.

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