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Curse of the Sands 24 July 2021: Curse of the Sands update Saturday 24th July 2021 The Episode starts with Ram catching Sia and asking what was she talking to Mohini. He keeps a sword at her neck and asks her again. Mohini and her gang drink wine and think its good Ram got the alcohol on time. Mohini says its good that Ram doesn’t recall anything about his past and my Sautan. DK thinks Kali is cheating you Mohini. Sia says sorry I can’t cheat Mohini. Ram threatens her. She gets hurt on her neck. Mohini gets hurt too and says something is happening to Kali. Sia says Mohini doesn’t want you to remember the past, from where did you come, who are you, whom you loved. Ram says you won’t tell Mohini and other Chudails that I know the entire truth, promise me, whom do you love the most. Maine ek pal…plays….

Sia thinks of Ram and says my husband. He says think of him and promise me, you won’t cheat me. She promises him that she will never withdraw her support or cheat him. She asks him to leave alcohol. He says its not easy to leave a bad habit, its not easy to fool me, so I will try to leave alcohol. She asks really. He says yes, they fooled me a lot. She says but its not easy to leave drinking. He says I will try to control. She says I can help you if you want. Mohini shouts Kali and comes to her. Ram goes. Mohini sees the wound on her neck. She asks how did this happen, you know I will get hurt if you get hurt. Ram looks on. Sia sees a nail and says I got hurt by this nail when I was cleaning the table and chairs. Mohini heals Kali. She also gets healed. She threatens Kali and goes.

Ram says you are an expert in saying lies. Sia says I can give life to keep my promise. Ram goes. Sia says you took my promise and I will keep it, none can stop me now, very soon we will be together. DK says we have to see who gets trapped. Ram gets drunk again and says I m angry on Mohini, I m responsible for my state, not Mohini. Sia asks why are you saying this. Ram says I drink to forget my past, I want to forget someone, I don’t remember who is she, but still I have some pain in my heart. He falls over her. She gets upset and goes. He stops her and asks her to drink along, rather than going away. She asks him not to drink today. DK and everyone hear Ram talking and go to see. Sia says give someone a chance. She reminds him about Sia. Ram recalls Sia and asks what. She says no person can be alone, someone would be made for you. She asks him to recall. He pushes her away.= and threatens. Sia wears the helmet again. DK comes laughing and scolds Kali. Ram asks who called you here, get lost.

Chudails joke that Rana and Kali’s jodi is the best. Ram asks what nonsense. They leave. He holds Sia and says I did this intentionally to save you from them, they insulted us, you have to do something now, like you had beaten them in drunken state that day, I enjoyed it a lot. She laughs. He asks her to drink it, this is the plan. She says no, I won’t drink. She thinks he will make me addicted to wine, everything is fair in love and war. He feeds her wine. She gets drunk and asks why am I seeing you double. He asks her to go and beat them. She says I will beat my enemies. She goes. He says wait, don’t hurt me, we are in one team. She kisses him on his cheek and goes, throwing the helmet. He says now they won’t be spared.

Sia beating the Chudails and laughing. DK says we should better run. Sia asks DK and others to run around the palace. She makes them run. Ram looks on and enjoys. DK pushes Sia and gets away. Sia asks how dare you make me fall. Sia catches DK and beats her. DK asks the gang not to hurt Kali, else Mohini will not leave them. They leave. Ram comes and lifts Sia. He takes her along. Mohini comes home and gets shocked seeing the mess. She calls out everyone. She asks what’s all this. DK says Kali did this, we aren’t lying, Kali is drinking more than Rana now.

Ram makes Sia rest and apologizes to her. She says its fine, don’t drink now, its enough for the day. He says fine and keeps the drink glass. He goes. Sia falls on the bed. She sleeps. Mohini and Chudails come and see Kali. DK says Kali can do black magic on Rana. Mohini slaps DK and says Rana doesn’t see any ugly thing, don’t say any nonsense again, I will talk to Kali when she wakes up. She does. DK gets angry on Kali.

Vanraj sits reading a book. Jhumri asks whom does she love, is she a Chudail. Vanraj says I can never love a Chudail, since a Chudail killed my sister, I kill Chudails. She says sorry. He says I m in love with someone from that palace, she is Devi, not a Chudail. She says I knew it, you can never love any wrong girl. He gets a call and goes. She says you will take me to that girl yourself. Its morning, Sia collides with Ram. She apologizes to him and says I came to take helmet. Ram says fine, take it, come and sit here. She recalls his tortures. She asks shall I sit. Mujhme sab kuch…..plays….She sits beside and smiles. Ram says your kiddish things make me laugh, I was longing for a human friend, I m fed up living with the Chudails, I didn’t feel I will find a friend in you. He forwards hand and picks the helmet. He asks her to wear it and not show her ugly face to him. Mohini shouts Rana….

Kali says Mohini is coming. Mohini comes there. She asks Kali what is she doing here. She scolds Kali and raises hand on her. Ram stops Mohini. Sia looks at him. Ram says you have time for everyone, except me. He hugs Mohini and asks Kali to leave. Sia goes to meet Daima in the secret chamber. Daima asks her not to come again. Sia says Mohini is with Rana and her gang is busy. Daima says Mohini trapped Ram. Sia says no, he feels suffocated with Mohini. DK says Kali has given me a good chance to expose her in front of Mohini. She spies on Kali. Sia says Ram is changing now. Daima says Mohini couldn’t end your love from Ram’s heart. Mohini talks to the mirror and praises her beauty. DK comes there. She says your personal life is getting ruined, Kali is upto something. She tells her everything. Mohini thinks so this is Kali’s truth.

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