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Curse of the Sands 28 August 2021: Curse of the Sands update Saturday 28th August 2021 Mann acts as afraid and cries saying moti/Dayimaa is very bad. Siya asks not to say that as Dayimaa is her daadi. Siya asks him to have something. Mann says he is not hungry. Siya says she prepared pasta for him and says once Dayimaa realizes she is wrong, she will also love him. She goes to get pasta for him. He stands looking at the shadow near the wall. 

[Zee world] Curse of the Sands update Saturday 28 August 2021

Siya returns with pasta and signs Bada Natkhat Hai Re Krishna Kanhaiya…song.. and feeds him pasta. Raan watches from the window and smiles. He gets angry after he gets someone’s message and leaves. Mann falls asleep. Siya gets emotional that she was waiting for a child and got Mann, thank god.

Ram meets Dayimaa and asks why did she call him. Dayimaa says she is blind to an evil child’s love and is harming the royal family. Ram says he hates Mann, that does not mean she can call a small kid an evil child. Dayimaa says she will prove it to him then and shows the royal book, says this book reveals the royal family’s past, present, and future. She asks him to read it. Ram throws away the book and burns it.

Dayimaa asks what did he do. Ram says he and Siya took an oath not to speak about black magic after chudail Mohini left; Dayimaa hurt him more than his stab wound, requests her to go away from his house before Siya sees her. Once she leaves, this royal book would have shown the truth to Siya which he doesn’t want her to know, reminiscing about consummating with Mohini and asking her to promise not to tell anyone about this.

Dayimaa meets pandit and informs him what happened. Pandit says she did wrong by leaving Siya with Mann as Mann can control her. Dayimaa says an evil spirit couldn’t harm Siya. Pandit says evil children can hypnotize her. Dayimaa says it is called motherhood, Siya could not bear a child even after many years of marriage, so she is finding her child in Mann and wants to make him Royal heir by adopting him during the Janmashtami festival.

Ram walks to Siya and says he had promised to take care of Mann, but not accept him as his heir, it is wrong to adopt him as heir, if this news leaks out, his reputation will spoil and he will not let the royal family’s dignity at stake, only their child can be royal heir and not Mann.

Siya says Mann is also our child and they will give him that right. Ram says he is not ready for that. Siya warns him to get ready then as he has time till Janmashtami and if he does not accept him as heir on Janmashtami, she will leave his house forever.

Ram asks not to talk rubbish. Siya says she didn’t love a man who loves false prestige than truth. She will go away from here with Mann and will follow the duty of both mother and father. Ram asks if she realizes how will it affect him. She says Mann is a kid and should not bear the punishment for Ram’s mistakes, until she is alive nobody can do injustice to Mann. Mann walks to her calling rasgulla. Ram says whatever happens he will not let Siya’s wish be fulfilled.

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