Curse of the Sands 31 July 2021: Curse of the Sands update Saturday 31st July 2021 Siya/Kali tells Dayimaa that its already afternoon and Mohini has not come out of her room, so she will go in and checks. Dayimaa stops her. She says she will be careful and enters room. She sees Mohini sitting still like a doll and speaks, but Mohini does not react. She then calls Dayimaa who checks and informs it is Mohini’s image.

Siya asks why did Mohini do this. Dayimaa says Mohini is planning something big and does not even trust her shadow, she has already started here move and will try to get Ram/Rana. On the other side, Raj Jyotishiji order Jhumri to return to her village. Jhumri confronts that she is not a doll to call her and send her away whenever they want, Vanraj is hers and she has right to know why Vanraj should be sacrificed.

Dayimaa panics that Mohini will take away Ram for sure. Siya asks her to calm down and if she is also a ghagra paltan chudail, she should know way to know Mohini’s plan. Dayimaa cuts her palm and drops blood on floor. Siya gets worried. Dayimaa says she is reviving her chudail powers and via black magic sees chudail tree. They both dig under chudail tree. Dayimaa says wealth hidden under chudail tree can reveal Mohini’s plan. They find wealth box and taking it to room open it one by one and find all the suhaag items Siya had found by solving puzzles except payal/anklet. Dayimaa says chudail can own only ghungru and not payal, they cannot dream of it; Mohini once made a mistake of seeking payal from Rani Raj rajeshwari and everyone know what happened after that. She then realizes that Mohini is meditating under tree to get Rana/Ram.

Vanraj packs Jhumri’s bags and says he herself has to go to bus stand. Jhumri asks if he really wants her to go. He says after she betrayed their friendship, she does not have right to stay here. Jhumri says she wants aarti from maayi once before leaving. Bindu shows her aarti. She silently drops oil near her feet in lieu of touching feet. Bindu slips and falls down. Jhumri thinks nobody can stop her from staying here.

Siya says god has given another life to save Ram, she will save him at any cost. They both rush towards door when Rana holds Siya and pulls her towards him. He asks where is she going at night. Siya asks why is he worried for her. He says if something happens to her, chudail Mohin with create havoc here. Siya walks away from there. Mohini walks into jungle holding ghungroo and ties trhem to her feet. Siyya with Dayimaa also reaches jungle. Dayimaa pleads her not to go near Mohini, else Mohini will kill her. Siya holding bow says one who dares reaches destiny.

Siya and Dayimaa see Mohini dancing inside a fire circle on Raktacharita…song. Siya holding bow and arrow. Dayimaa tries to stop her. Blood oozes from Siyia’s ears, nose, eyes, etc. Blood oozes from even Mohini. Dayimaa holds her. Siya points arrow at Mohini when bright light from sky falls on Mohini. A knife emerges. Mohini picks it and stabs herself. Siya also falls unconscious, and Dayimaa gets more worried for her. In palace, Rana wakes up feeling uneasy and thinks Kali must be in trouble. He thinks Kali came into his life sudden and get closer to him slowly, then thinks why he is thinking about ugly girl.

Dayimaa shakes Siya to wake her up, but Siya does not. Mohini wakes up and laughs. Dayimaa drags Siya thinking they need to return home before Mohini reaches home. Mohini laughs that she completed her meditation and got what she needed. She feels weak and thinks Kali must be in trouble, she does not take care of herself. She then senses someone and walks shouting who dared to watch chudail’s tapasya. Dayimaa drags Siya away. Mohini thinks it must be animal, then sees arrow on tree and realizes it is a human and even escaped, once she gets Ram she will end all drama. She heads towards home on jeep and flies it. Dayimaa carrying Siya on cart gets worried thinking how will she reach home.

Jhumri thinks she will not let Vanraj go away from her and will seduce him. She holds Vanraj and asks where is he going. He says some important work, warns her to dare not touch him and walks away from there. Jhumri thinks she will follow him and see whom he loves instead of her. Mohini reaches home calling kaali and does not find her in her room.

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