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Curse of the Sands 7 August 2021: Curse of the Sands update Saturday 7th August 2021 Mohini calls her shadow Chahya, but when it does not return, she gets tensed and thinks it may be a sign of an upcoming problem. Dayimaa notices that and walks away feeling a sigh of relief. In the jungle, Vanraj reveals he loves Siya. Jhumri asks if Siya is still alive. 

Vanraj says forget about Siya and get ready to die. Jhumri shouts to spare her. Vanraj leaves. She shouts once she frees herself, she will find out where Siya is and how to kill that chudail. She uses sun rays via mirror reflection to burn rope and free herself. Back in the palace, Dayimaa walks into Rana’s room and sees him hugging Siya/Kali. Rana parts ways and says he was consoling his friend. Dayimaa informs that Mohini’s shadow is missing and it is a good sign, she is happy to see her children happy.

Once she leaves, Ram gets romantic with Siya again. Dayimaa frightens Maya that she should stay away from Kali as she is close to Mohini and may get even Maya killed if she interferes with Kali’s issues. Maya agrees.

Rana takes Siya/Kali to the jungle’s shiv mandir and says he feels peace here. Kali says even evils cannot enter the temple. She asks if he has ever gone to the palace’s temple. He says it is closed. She says temples never close. At the palace, Dayimaa asks Mohini why she is looking so tensed. Mohini says her shadow is missing.

Dayimaa asks to use her magic and find out. Mohini says she did, but could not trace her shadow. Dayimaa thinks where shadow must have gone. Kali continues questioning Rana if he has entered that temple and if there is any old relationship with that temple.

Rana gets a severe headache and reminisces promising Siya never to hurt her and to love her forever in that temple. He holds Trishul and injures his hand and smears his blood on Kali’s forehead. Kali thinks she wanted her identity in Ram’s life, now she will soon back in Ram’s life.

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