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Curse of the Sands 11 July 2021: Curse of the Sands update Sunday 11th July 2021 Raj Jyotishji tells Siya that nobody knows how did Mohini turn Kunwarsaa/Ram’s goodness into evil, it is a big secret. On the other side, DK/Mithiya reminds Mohini that she has Ranasaa’s goodness. She goes into flashback where Mohini extracts Ram’s goodness when DK/Mithiya enters and snatches it. Mohini shouts in anger. DK says she beheaded her and fixed old devaki/DK’s? head on her young body. 

Mohini warns not to mess her, else she can destroy her body and reveals that she herself is keeping Ram away from here till red moon night. She shows coffin and says sautan’s deadbody is still in it and if Mithiya tries to act oversmart, she will destroy Mithiya for sure. Mithiya/DK gets afraid and thinks of not messing up with Mohini, but thinks if Siya is alive, whose dead body is in coffin.

Curse of the Sands 11 July 2021 update Bindu reveals Siya that she sacrificed her daughter to save Siya and exchanged her daughter’s dead body with Siya’s. Kajri says this family sacrificed their beloved daughter to satisfy Mohini’s hunger and Rana/Ram’s lust. Siya thanks Bindu for her sacrifice. Their drama continues when they hear a girl pleading Rana/Ram to spare her. Vanraj says he will not spare Rana today and walks towards door, but his parents stop him. He gets adamant, so they leave him.

Rana catches a girl and repeatedly asks who is she. Afraid girl pleads him to let her go. Vanraaj standing far away throws a knife towards Rana. Siya enters and holds knife and asks Rana to let the girl go. Rana spares girl and walks towards Siya saying he was searching her and tries to molest her. Siya stabs knife into Rana’s thigh saying he cannot be her Ram as her Ram never misbehaves with a woman. Rana continues walking towards her. She repeatedly stabs him reminiscing the romantic moments they spent together. Ram collapses severely injured. Vanraj comes in front and asks Siya to kill Rana at once, else he will kill him..

Curse of the Sands 11 July 2021 Siya brutally injures Rana/Ram and he collapses down severely injured. Vanraj walks in and asks to kill Rana or else he will kill her. Siya stops him and says thought Rana is having Ram’s body, Mohini is controlling his heart, so she needs Vanraj’s help to fight with Mohini and get back Ram, will he be her guru. Vanraj agrees. He senses Mohini coming and hides with Siya. Mohini gets out of his car and shouts seeing unconscious Rana on floor. She picks and takes him to haveli and treats his wounds. She finds Devaki Dayi/DK’s ring near Rana’s found spot and asks if she tried to kill Rana. DK denies. Mohini brutally trashes DK. DK plead to spare her while Ghagra paltan team encourages Mohini to not spare DK. Mallika asks Vivian if he thinks this bubbleless bubblegum DK can harm Rana. Vivian says she cannot. DK says Vivian is right. Mohini spares DK. On the other side, Vanraj asks Siya how did she get DK’s ring. Siya reminisces taking it when Mohini held her hand. Rana says she should win over Mohini as he needs her back, then says whole Behramgarh needs her.

Mohini sits beside Rana taking care of him. Rana dreams of Siya stabbing him repeatedly and wakes up shouting. Mohini asks if DK attacked him. He says no and warns her to stay away from him. She walks away. Rana thinks he needs to search that girl soon and find out who she is and why she attacked him. Mohini hears that.

Vanraj starts Siya’s training after a length dialogue and ties Raj jyotishji’s given protective taweez on her hand. Vivian ties Behramgarh men and women brutually lashes them. Mohini shouts to tell who attacked Rana. They all plead to spare them. Raj jyotishji and Bindu watch them from a distance.

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