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Curse of the Sands 18 July 2021: Curse of the Sands update Sunday 18th July 2021 DK gives medicine to Mohini and asks her to mix it in Rana’s alcohol, he will lose his conscience and will not know whom he is spending time with. Kaali/Siya watching him via door thinks what are they discussing. Ghagra paltan/GP team says now Mohini needs to ward off nazar and calls Kaali. Kaali walks in and asks Mohini if she called them. Mohini asks why is she holding helmet. 

kaali says Rana does not like her face. Mohini says so see, she cares for Rana so much. GP team asks Kaali to perform Moini’s nazar. Kaali does. DK asks her to revolve around Mohini. Siya does and asks what is special today. Mohini says she will consummate with Rana and unite with him forever. Siya stands shattered hearing that. DK asks her to consume chillies. She bites chillies saying she can bite whole chilli tree for Mohini.

Vanraj waits for Siya’s call. Siya calls him and insists to meet her right now. Vanraj leaves home. Bindu asks Jhumri who is new girl in Vanraj’s life after Siya. Jhumri shows her how she painted Vanraj’s slippers to follow him. Vanraj meets Siya who informs that Mohini wants to consummate with Rana and asks how to stop it. Vanraj says let it go as if chudail and human consummate, not even got can separate them. Siya asks how can she let her husband sleep with anyone else. Their argument continues. Siya says she does not need Vanraj’s help from hereon and alone she will take her revenge. Once she leaves, Vanraj turns and sees Jhumri standing. Jhumri cries that he is madly in Siya’s love and has gone blind, etc..

Siya tries to return to haveli, but GP team stops her and says nobody can enter palace today and asks her to go and pray for Mohini. Siya goes to temple and cries that she needs devimaa’s help as her suhaag is in danger. She continues her prayers and says she knows that god helps whoever helps herself/himself. She promises that she is ready to give her life to stop Rana and Mohini’s union and god will help her.

Sia/Kali is entering some storeroom by unlocking the huge door. The caged people see her and think if Sia has seen them. Ranisa says don’t know Devki, I felt peace seeing this girl. She coughs. Devki asks are you fine, Mohini didn’t give us food since two days. Vanraj recalls Sia’s words and screams. Tumhe mai mangoon….plays…. He makes her pic on the rock by his blood. A saint come there and asks him not to be mad. Vanraj says its my love, I will fulfill it, whoever comes between me and Sia, I won’t leave him. Devki stops Sia and says I knew you went inside that door, your truth has come out Kali, how do you know the way to the storeroom, the door opens by Chudail’s nail. Sia closes eyes and acts to sleep walk. Devki asks her to answer.

She smiles and throws some pebbles in Sia’s way. Sia doesn’t fall down. Devki says she will get saved and it will probe that she isn’t sleep walking. Sia falls down. Ram comes there and holds her in arms. Raghupati Raghav….plays…. Sia smiles and hugs him. Mohini comes there and pulls Sia away. She raises hand on Sia. Sia holds her hand. She gets doing a drama and apologizes. Mohini asks her to tell them about her bad weaknesses and illnesses. Mohini says you are troubling us. Ram says I want this drama to end, I can’t tolerate it now, I don’t want Kali here, that’s final. Mohini says relax Rana, I ordered new alcohol for you, we will talk tomorrow. He says don’t think that I changed my decision. He goes.

Vanraj recalls Sia’s words. Jhumri gets food. She sees his lack of attention and threatens to commit suicide. He stops her and asks her not to think of suicide. He scolds her and asks her to die now. She throws the food. He goes. She says he doesn’t listen to me, I have to end this problem, I will tell Mohini about this problem, she will solve this.

Mohini gets scolding Kali for touching Rana. Devki says I thought she was acting. Sia says why will I act, you should have pinched me, why did you make me fall down, I m Mohini’s NazarBattu. Mohini says I don’t have to hide anything from Kali, if anything happens to her, I will come to my real avatar, I couldn’t make any relation with Rana by hearing Sia’s name, its good he doesn’t remember anything, he will die if we do magic on him again. Sia thinks I have to snatch your magic, you kept Ram in such state by your magic. Sia asks Devki not to doubt on her all day. She sits crying. They all shut ears. Mohini says stop Kali. She makes Devki apologize to Kali. Devki apologizes to Kali and says you did this intentionally, I will take revenge from you, I won’t lose so soon. Sia says I have to snatch Mohini’s powers and reach Dai maa and Dadimaa, where did Mohini hide them. Real Devki shouts for help.

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