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Curse of the Sands 22 August 2021: Curse of the Sands update Sunday 22nd August 2021 The doctor takes Mann’s blood sample. Blood drop falls from syringe and burns ground. Mann sucks blood drop. Siya asks what happened. Mann says he is still hungry. Siya takes him to give him food. Dayimaa senses a big disaster is awaiting after the child’s arrival in this house and prays god that this child shouldn’t be Ram’s. Ram feels guilty that he did many sins, reminiscing about consummating with Mohini. Siya says Mohini’s Rana did sins and not Ram, so he shouldn’t feel guilty. 

Ram says Mann is not his son and he is sure to test results will be negative. Siya hugs him and says even she hopes the same. The lab technician gives Ram and Mann’s blood test reports. Doctor asks to send Ram’s report to his house and keep Mann’s report here itself. He asks peon to get him Mann’s blood sample and thinks he will find out the secret behind this blood. He tests the sample himself and in shock thinks how is it possible. Poojari in the temple prays god to help him find the evil boy.

Mann in his evil form with evil teeth and red eyes tries to suck a live lizard standing on a railing. Siya sees him and worriedly lifts him up and asks what is he doing. He says he was trying to fly. She takes him to a room and tries to make him sleep. He says his mother used to hug him tightly and make him sleep, he is missing his mother. Siya sings a lullaby and once she sees him asleep leaves the room. Mann wakes up again and shows his evil form.

The doctor calls Dayimaa. Dayimaa says if Ram and boy’s DNA samples didn’t match, even if they match, he should change them as it is a question of the royal family’s safety. The doctor says there is more to the boy’s sample and even she will be surprised to see that, so she should reach the hospital soon. Dayimaa walks towards the balcony thinking something is definitely wrong with the boy and sees Mann hitting his head to the table and crying. Siya consoles him.

Dayimaa walks down and says she is going to the hospital to check DNA samples. Siya says she wants to see DNA report negative, even if it does, it is not Mann’s mistake and she will keep him with her. At the hospital, the doctor sees Mann’s blood boiling in a test tube and thinks a normal boy’s blood cannot be so dangerous and picks the test tube in his hand, shouts in pain, falls down, and dies.

Dayimaa reaches his lab and doesn’t find him there, tells Bindu that she told already him that this boy is problematic.

Ram over the phone tells his manager to take care of the factory while he is away for 3-4 days. Mann enters his room, and he asks what is he doing here. Mann says he is playing hide and seek with rasgulla. Rana warns to behave with elders. Mann says when Siya looks like Rasgulla, what is wrong in calling her rasgulla; everyone says he is Ram’s son, so he is khajoor like him. Ram reminisces Siya calling him Khajoor and warns him to get out of his room and never come back again. Mann with evil red eyes walks towards him when Siya enters and he acts as crying and complains that Ram pushed him. Siya scolds Ram to behave with the kid and Ram walks away. Mann waves at the door seeing a shadow.

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