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Curse of the Sands 23 May 2021: Curse of the Sands update Sunday 23rd May 2021 Mohini spoils Siya’s uptan/herbal paste fuming that she will not let sautan/Siya win over her. Her ghagra paltan team plead her to stop, but in vain. They say if she forgot that if she troubles satuan, even she will be painn. Mohini says she is ready to bear the pain sautan thinks she won the battle just by spending a night with Rana saa/Ram. She shows her ghunghroo and says desert has given her ghungrooo and sangeet to soothe her painn.

Team says even they will dance with her. Siya walks into bathroom to apply uptan on her body when Ram walks in. She scolds why did he come into bathroom. He acts as luring her sends her out and locks door from inside saying she wants to look beautiful, let himself use it. Siya knocks door shouting to open door as she has to prepare herself for havan by apply uptan. Ram applies uptan on himself ignoring her plea and starts feeling severe burning and pain. He shouts.

Siya gets worried and tried to break door open. Mohini with her team gets engrasped in dancing. Siya finally breaks the door open via sofa and rushes to Ram. Mohini also reaches hearing Siya’s shout and is shocked to see Ram writhing in pain. She shouts Ranasaa. Siya turns, but does not find anyone. She pours water on Ram’s body and calms his burning pain a bit and takes him to his room.

Dayimaa walks in hearing Ram’s shout and seeing red rashes on his body asks what happened to him. He asks what was mixed in uptan. She asks what.. Siya says something was mixed in uptan, Ram applied it and felt severe burning pain. Ram asks Dayimaa to check with Jalebi what did she mix. Dayimaa thinks chudail is trying to stop havan, it is Jalebi.

Mohini punishes herself by applying salt on her body and shouting in pain. Her team tries to stop her from inflicting self-pain, but Mohini gets adamant that she troubled Rana saa and deserves this punishment. She sarts disintegrating. Dayimaa walks in and asks what is she doing here. Mohini says preparing food. Dayimaa walks ot her and seeing her normal asks her to go and rest, Madan will prepare food.

Mohini walks away. Her team says good Dayimaa did not see her disintegrating. Mohini says old woman Dayimaa is up to something, she will plan to catch her. Dayimaa looking at salt bowl thinks she will find out who chudail is in this haveli.

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