Curse of the Sands 27 June 2021: Curse of the Sands update Sunday 27th June 2021 Soldiers inform rani that Rana Bhanuprataph went missing on the way and they doubt enemy has kidnapped him. Rajeshwari orders them to find out Ranasaa soon and herself gets ready to go on a search pulling her sword. Dayimaa stops her and says she is pregnant and has to take care of herself. Mohini tells Siya that they thought Ranasaa is under enemy’s grip, but did not know he was with her for 1 month. After 1 month, Raj Purohit asks Rajeshwari to take over Behramgarh’s crown as Rana Bhanuprataph may not return. Rajeshwari warns him and says Rana saa will return for sure.

Rana Bhanuprataph enters safely. Rajeshwari emotionally runs and hugs him and asks wher was he for 1 month. Mohini enters and says Rana saa was with her. Dayimaa gets angry hearing that and warns Mohini that she will finish her for daring to eye on Ranasaa. Rana Bhanuprataph stops her and says Mohini saved her life and he is alive because of her. Dayimaa asks Mohini where did she keep Ranasaa for 1 month. Mohini says in a jungle hut as enemies were behind them. Rana Bhanuprataph warns everyone to respect Mohini instead for saving his life. Mohini gets happy thinking her plan is working.

Next day, Rani Rajeshwari with Dayimaa meets Mohini’s ghagra paltan team and tries to touch Mohini’s feet. Dayimaa stops her and warns that a queen cannot touch dancer’s feet. Rajeshwari says Mohini saved her husband and her child’s father and wants to thank her for her favor. She offers jewelry equal to Mohini’s weight and even offers her mother’s last gifted necklace. Mohini stops her and asks her anklets instead. Dayimaa gets more angry and keeping knife on her neck asks if she knows what is she asking. Rajeshwari says a suhaagan has 7 jewels and naming each says anklet is one among it, so she cannot give it. She breaks Mohini’s ghungroo instead and says she can come and stay in her palace now with pride. Mohini smirks seeing her plan working while Dayimaa angrily fumes seeing Mohini’s cunning nature.

Rana Bhanuprataph meets Mohini at night and promises that he will protect her whole life and even after his life. Mohini says she wants to make an important announcement and says while he was with her for 1 month, he got intimate with her in a subconscious state and she is pregnant with his child now. Rana Bhanuprataph is amused to hear that.

Mohini tells Rana Bhanuprataph that while he stayed with her for 1 month, in subconscious state, he got intimate with her and she is carrying his baby. Rana Bhanuprataph says he knows she is very loyal and saw how good she served him, she can ask whatever she wants. Mohini says he should kill her as she cannot bear society’s taunts. Present day Mohini smirks seieng her past drama. In haveli, Malllika tries to feed oranges to old Vivian, but he does not. Dadimaa brings soft pureed food for him and says they have to serve easily digestible food considering his age. Once Dadimaaa leaves, Mallika yells saying old woman is calling her son old.

Durgeshwar tells Dayimma that she feels Rana saa’s stay with Mohini for 1 month will bring something wrong to them. Rana Bhanuprataph enters holding Mohini’s hand and keeping his pagdi in front of Rajeshwari’s feet and says he wanted to become Ram, make his kingdom as Ram rajya, and follow pati dharm, but he did a big mistake because of which Mohini is carrying his baby, so he wants Rajeshwari to handle Behramgarh’s crown as adharmi raja does not have any right to sit on crown, he has to be with Mohini at this time. Rajeshwari stands shattered and cries. Rana Bhanuprataph continues that he will protect Mohini from society’s taunts and Rajeshwari will handle kingdom. Rajeshwari pleads him not to do injustice with her, but Rana Bhanuprataph walks away holding Mohini’s hand.

Siya confronts Mohini that she lied and was not pregnant. Mohini asks how can she say so. Siya says Rana Bhanuprataph has Ram’s nature and her Ram will never eye on any other woman; she knows Mohini did not want to go to jungle with Rana saa. Mohini takes Siya to jungle and shows Mohini running into jungle and calling chudail. Chudail emerges. Mohini confesses that she wanted to enjoy lavish queen’s life and tricked Rana saa, she is not even pregnant and Rana saa will find out truth soon, what she should do. Chudail asks what she should do and laughs. Ranasaa’s solders throw trap on her and she burns and shouts in pain. Dayimaa enters and throws amantrit salt on her and she burns more. Guards catch Mohini. Mohini warns to leave her, else she will inform Rana saa. Rajeshwari enters and asks what will she inform Rana saa and says she knows Mohini is not pregnant as she trusts Ranasaa blindly. She orders Durga Dayimaa to throw Mohini and chudail into prison, Rana saa will pronounce justice to them. Siya asks Mohini how did she escape jail. Mohini asks to wait and watch Mohini’s magic.

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