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Curse of the Sands 15 July 2021: Curse of the Sands Thursday 15th July 2021 update Siya via Vivian stabs Mohini and she falls down dead. Rana mistakes Vivian killed Mohini and angrily beheads him shouting he can go to any extent to protect Mohini. Vivian’s head falls into Mallika’s hand. Mohini relives. Mallika panic and walking to Mohini asks if she killed Vivian and pleads to relive him as he always supported her and even gave his soul to her. 

Mohini says Vivian tried to kill her and deserved to be dead. DK walks in with Ghagra paltan team and asks what happened. Mallika cries that chudail and Rana killed Vivian. Rana says he can kill anyone will try to kill Mohini. DK says Rana did right then. Siya is shocked to see Ram’s cruel form and thinks how can Ram kill his own brother, she has to end Rana before getting Ram now. DK checks Vivian’s body and seeing lion nail marks on him realizes lion killed him and someone dragged him here to let Rana kill him again and take blame on himself.

Mallika cries loudly and decides to kill Mohini. She picks sword and stabs Mohini, but Siya/Kali comes in frront and bearing sword stab dies. Mohini relives her via black magic. Siya sees one more knot from her protective thread untangling and reminices Raj jyotishji’s words that Siya will get 7 lives with 7 knots and with each knot untangling will lose a life. Mohini then strangulates Mallika via black magic. Siya pleads her to spare Mallika as she reacted as a distressed mother.

Curse of the Sands 15 July 2021: Mohini continues strangulating Mallika. Siya reminds that she saved Mohini, so as a favor Mohini should spare Mallika. Mohini spares Mallika. Siya dances and praises Mohini. Mohini slaps her and warns that she is her nazar battu and it was her duty to protect her. Ghagra paltan team asks Mohini to slap once more. Mohini slaps Siya again and warns to dare not make a mistake again and pushes her down. DK watching drama and stands silently thinking she cannot tell Mohini anything without any proof.

Mohini tells Siya that she will send her to jail like Dayimaa and dadimaa. Siya thinks that means Dadimaa and Dayimaa are alive, she will find them at any cost and free them from Mohini’s grip.

Siya reminisces Mohini telling she will confine her like old woman and cut head and thinks she talked about Dadimaa and Dayimaa for sure and should find out where they are. Vanraj returns home and seeing Vivian’s blood on his clothes hides it. Jhumri hugs him from behind and gets romantic with him with a romantic song in the background.

Vanraj ties her hand and walks away saying he is tired after finishing baba’s given task and cannot handle her nonsense. Jhumri continues crying in frustration. In haveli, Mohini orders DK and ghagra paltan team to keep an eye on Kali and report her each suspicious moment. They nod yes. Mohini says she needs action. DK thinks she needs to find out who killed Vanraj. Siya walks in corridor when inebriated Rana stops her and says he is feeling pity on her that Mohini slapped her so tightly for saving Mallika, chudail is so cruel. Siya gets emotional seeing his concern for her He gives her a tight slap and says Mohini slapped her on 1 cheek and he completed the task by slapping her on other cheek and warns her to dare not spoil his exotic liquor. Siya stands disheartened.

Raj jyotishji returns home and asks Jhumri where is Vanraj. She yells he is tired after finishing his given task and is sleeping. Bhanumati also yells at him. They walk into Vanraj’s room and don’t see him there. He thinks Vanraj must have gone to meet Siya and is risking her life.

Curse of the Sands 15 July 2021 update: Vanraj reaches outside haveli and throws stone at Siya’s room window. She opens window and noticing him walks out holding broom and basket acting as cleaning. She then meets Vanraj and informs him what Mohini did. He sees fingerprints on her cheek and asks what happened to her. She says nothing. DK walks towards them. Vanraj hides. Siya/Kali asks if she is spying on her. DK says she is not doubting her and taking her in gives food thali and says she will take food for old woman and cut head from hereon. Mohini enters and throws food. Siya gets tensed thinking if Mohini found out her truth.

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