Curse of the Sands 17 June 2021: Ram runs toward fort. Mohini calls him to come near her soon. Ghagra paltan team asks what about Siya. Mohini orders to bury her in ground. Dayimaa’s head says even if she buries Siya in ground or hides her in sky, Ram will find her out at any cost. Mohini asks how will he until she is thereShe digs a pit via magic and buries Siya. Ghagra paltan team throw mud on Siya and fill ground. Ram reaches fort and sees welcome written on ground.

He angrily stamps it and walks away. Mohini picks soil of his footstep and smearing it on her forehead says she is waiting for him since 500 years. Ram reaches her and she stands wearing pallu on her face. Ram asks if she is chudail. Mohini asks if he forgot 500-year-old love for 5-year-old love. Ram angrily tries to hit her, but stops. Mohini says he can hit her, he will touch her at least by that. Ram pleads her to tell where Siya is. Mohini says she sent Siya to her god. Ram shouts Siya cannot die. Mohini says it is the fact now.

Ram recites Ramayan. Mohini shouts in pain hearing Ramayan and disappears. Light falls on Ramayan and pages turn. Ram reads that Sita maa was born from earth and went into earth. He digs ground and searches Siya. Mohini emerges and punishes him. He is dragged in sky and then thrown down repeatedly. Mohini pleads to accept her offer and not punish himself. He does not agree. She continues punishing him and says accept her love at least now.

Ram says he will accept her love, but in return she needs to spare Siya. Mohini says it is not a bad deal. Ram holds her tight and chants Hanuman chalisa. Mohini shouts in pain and shouts to leave her. Ram continues chanting Hanuman chalilsa, Mohini tries to run away, but he pulls her back repeatedly and continues. She pushes him and flies away finally. He falls on ground and a hole is made in ground. He sees Siya inside ground and thanks god.

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