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Curse of the Sands 19 August 2021: Curse of the Sands update Thursday 19th August 2021 Siya raises Trishul to kill Mohini. Mohini warns to stop if she wants Rana alive. Dayimaa insists Siya kill Mohini. Siya says Ram’s life is more important than Mohini’s. Mohini says if Siya kills her, she will not know where Rana is. Siya asks what she needs. Mohini says Rana is her love. Siya says Ram is her husband and life. Their argument starts. Siya says Mohini never loved Ram, else she would not have thought of killing Ram, but now the situation has changed. 

[Zee world] Curse of the Sands update Thursday 19 August 2021

Mohini says she loves Rana for 500 years. Siya says she cannot even take Ram’s name from her mouth, then what kind of love she does. Their argument continues. Mohini says she will tell where Rana is only if she agrees to give Rana to her tonight. Siya angrily lifts Trishul again. Dayimaa asks to kill Mohini as she will not reveal where Rana is. Mohini says Rana is in her room. Siya says he is not there. Mohini says he can go and check now. Siya draws a holy ash circle around Mohini and walks away asking Jhumri to keep an eye on Mohini.

Siya walks into Mohini’s room and sees Rana sleeping on bed. She gets emotional. A romantic ghazal plays in the background. Dayimaa and Bindu walk in next. Mohini provokes Jhumri describing how she killed Vanraj. Jhumri tries to hit her with a wooden stick. Mohini holds it and pushes her towards pillar. Jhumri hits the pillar and falls unconscious. Holy ash disappears. Mohini hits even Maya and walks away saying only 5 hours are left for the red moon and she will reunite with Rana.

Siya checks Rana and finds him pulseless without heart beat. She cries loudly. Dayimaa says Rana’s soul is not here and Mohini tricked them again. Siya shouts Mohini…

Siya shouts Mohini.. seeing Ram pulseless. She rushes out and sees Jhumri and Maya unconscious, wakes them up, and asks what happened. Jhumri says Mohini tricked them and escaped. Siya shouts Mohini cannot snatch her ram from her. Dayimaa says Mohini took Ram’s soul to unite with him on red moon night, this is the last chance to save Ram. Siya says even she will make her move and will not let the moon emerge at all. Mohini thinks just in a few hours red moon will emerge and she and Rana saa will reunite. She walks around Rana sensuously and singing Aaja re aaja re o mere saajan aaja…song. She washes Rana’s feet and wipes them. She then dances around him continuing to sing and fixes sehra on his face and says she will relieve him from sautan and this world.

Dayimaa and Siya reach outside Mohini’s den and discuss Mohini has started her move. Mohini thinks since after a few minutes, she and Rana SAA’s soul will reunite and their love will complete. Ram slaps her and removing her sehra reveals she is Siya instead. Siya picks Trishul on Mohini. Mohini asks where is Ranaa. Siya reveals how she took away Ram with Dayimaa and Bindu’s help. She further reveals how she fixed the cardboard moon to fool Mohini and attacks Mohini with Trishul. Mohini escapes and pushes her down, then lifts her my the neck and asks who will save her now. Dayima and others enter. Mohini throws her on earth. Dayimaa and others attack Mohini, but Mohini overpowers them.

Mohini then goes out searching Rana and finds Rana’s sehra flowers, thinks they must have kept Rana somewhere here and follows it to the room, and finds Rana there.

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