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Curse of the Sands update Thursday 20th May 2021 Dayimaa tells Dadimaa that these blood drops are of chudail who has already entered mansion, she was deeply in love of Rana Bhanu pratap. Mohini thinks her love was immortal, they united long ago, now they just have to reunite by body and soul. Dayimaa sees Ram’s step brother hiding and says should wear bangles and sari if he has to listen to their conversation hiding. He comes in front and apologizes. Dayimaa says he has Sisodia surname and should not hide like a coward.

Dadimaa scolds he got Sisodia surname in charity without earning it, at least he should protect its dignity. Step brother walks away apologizing again. Dayimaa continues that Mohini loves Ranasaa since 500 years and waited for him till now, she entered mansion when Ram himself called her name and brought her here, she conserved rana Bhanu Pratap’s blood and drinks it regularly to keep herself powerful till now; she has cleared all 3 barriers and now only 1 is left, now she will use bhura jadoo/black magic to get Ram.

Mohini thinks Bhura jadoo is most powerful and not so lame like Dayimaa thinks, she will use Rana saa’s blood and get him at any cost. Jalebi asks if she should clean blood. Dayimaa says never, chudail will come to get it and will be caught.

Ram confronts Siya and says she tricked him and forgo his promise. She says he tricked and took promise, so it is tit for tat. Their nok jhok starts. He asks to leave him and return back to London. She says she will not till her last breath, now he should tell the reason for trying to send her away from him. Ram reminisces getting visuals of killing Siya.

Ram’s step mother packs her bags and tries to leave mansion yelling she is going back to London and does not want to risk her life here between ghosts. Her son stops her and says she is going away from brighter future. She says golden thread sari looks good on live people and not dead, she does not want to die here. He strangulates her and warns that they will not leave Behramgarh, long live Ram.

Ram walks reminiscing Siya’s words and thinks it is not easy to go away from her. He calls his bedst friend Digvijay who wakes up and asks why did he wake him up at midnight. Ram says it is morning. Digvijay says he had late night party and it is still night for him. Ram says Siya.. Digvijay says he cannot help him regarding this as Siya is also dearer to him. Ram angrily disconnects call. Digvijay thinks Ram is doing big mistake by trying to go away from Siya.

Mohini thinks she has to get blood drops before Rahu kaal finishes and walks towards room. Dayimaa senses it and walking to room says she doubted her since the beginning, she is not the same like she displays herself.

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