Curse of the Sands 27 May 2021: Ram does Mohini’s CPR with lip to lip breathing. Mohini congratulates herself that Ram’s touch sense is under her control now. She acts as coughing and getting up. Ram asks who told her to touch live wire. Mohini says he would have touched it else, he is Behramgarh’s responsibility.

Ram scolds why asked her to get into trouble. Mohini tightly hugs him and thinks he will crave for her touch. Sparks circulate in Ram’s body and he thinks what is happening to him. Mohini continuing to hug Ram says she did some good deeds that she found Ram in this life. Ram nervously says it is okay, go and rest now.

Mohini looses her blouse with black magic and it falls down revealing her modesty. Ram stands shocked and she turns acting as shy and apologizes Ram. Ram removes his kurta and gives it to her. She wears it smirking. Ram thinks why he is feeling so hot. Mohini apologizes again. Ram says it is okay and go now. She icks her blouse and leaves looking at her. She walks away staring at him. Ram starts sweating and throws fountain water on himself. Siya stands shocked seeing him bare chested. Mohini standing behind Siya thinks her 500-year-old wait is over now, Ram will be mad in her love, Sautan is gone now.

Ram sees Siya noticing her. Siya angrily rushes to her room, and Ram runs behind her. Mohini walks into haveli holding her blouse and wearing Ram’s kurta. Dayimaa notices that and thinks why she is wearing Ram’s clothes, then sees Ram running behind Siya. Ram walks into room behind Siya and explains that he kissed Mohini last time purposefully, but not this time, her got electrocuted trying to save him and he did CPR on her, then she hugged in fear and somehow her blouse fell off, he was feeling awkward and gave her his kurta, he does not have any feeling for neither Mohini nor Siya.

Siya says she did not ask any explanation from him and asks what is going on in his life. He reminisces getting dreaming of killing Sia and psychiatrist telling him that he cannot help him now as all treatments have gone in vain. He says nothing. Siya says he should share his problems with him and says with his wrong gestures innocent Mohini will misunderstanding him and will fall into his love, he is also so innocent that anyone can fall in his love, he should clear all the misunderstanding first. Mohini thinks she can control Ram’s touch sense, he will be mad in her love.

Ram walks towards Mohini’s room thinking Siya is right. He reminisces Mohini’s blouse falling off and him giving his kurta to her. Mohini touching Ram’s kurta thinks Ranasaa will obey her madly and she will control his touch sense. Ram enters Mohini’s room. Mohini starts luring him with Ang Lagade Ram walks to her and touches her sensuously. He looks at Siya ram’s barelet and gets back into his senses.

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