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Curse of the Sands 3 June 2021: Raj Jyotishya/RJ explains Siya that her determination will help her in her Shatchanti yagna and says there will be many steps and rituals for havan; first she has to invite 9 suhagans, prepare food and feed them, send them with gifts fully satisfied, and then eat their leftover food from their thali. Siya agrees. Mohini thinks she will see how will she complete yagna. Dayimaa sees Mohini and asks what is she planning. Mohini says nothing, she is going to prepare food. Siya warns her not to enter kitchen, she will prepare food. Mohini walks away frowning. RJ explains next ritual that she has to perform yagna with Ram sitting next to her. Siya agrees. RJ says she has to inform everything to Ram beforehand when he is in his senses. Siya asks what he means.

Dayimaa says she herself told Ram is not his self as if there is someone else in his body. Dadimaa asks if she wants to know why nobody stepped on this soil since 2 generations. Siya says yes. Dayimaa says whoever steppted on this soil died and reminisces many accidents and massacres of many generations. She says Ram is is Sisodiya clan’s first king Rana Bhanu Pratap, so he was playing sitar. Siya asks that means Rana Bhanu PRatap is troubling Ram. Dayimaa says it is black curse that is troubling him. Siya says once she gets Ram rid off this curse, she will take Ram back to London. RJ says nobody could succeed till now. Siya says this time a pati vrata/loyal wife is trying to protect her husband, she will succeed this time for sure. Mohini thinks whatever Siya tries, she will take Ram away from Siya at any cost.

Mohini walks to sleeping Ram and leaning on him says soon they will reunite. Siya opens door and sees sand on Ram, thinks how did it come. She then leans on Ram and gets emotional. Mohini thinks let Siya cry today, she will see how she will perform suhaag thaal ritual tomorrow. Next day, Siya prepares food. Dayimaa praises that her food’s smell is all around haveli, suhagan ladies will love her food. Siya asks when are they coming.

Dayimaa says she invited them yesterday, they are coming soon. Mohini meets an old woman Kubharja who just knows to curse and provokes her to curse her sautan. Kubharja asks if she wants her to curse Behramgarh’s kunwar rani saa, she is expelled from Behramgarh and cannot enter easily and curse without any reason. Mohini says she will be insulted, so she can curse royal family. Kubarja says she will curse so much that Behramgarh will burn into ashes. Mohini asks to show her talent.

Suhagans enters haveli, and Siya serves them food. Kubharja tries to enter haveli, but guards stop her. Siya hears sound outside and walking to door gets Kubharja in. Everyone present are shocked to see her. Dayimaa is also shocked. Kubharja tells Dayimaa they are meeting after many years. Dayhimaa asks Siya why did she bring Kubharja in. Mohini says her grandmaa told Kubharja’s whole family burnt because of her mistake and she killed her whole family, so she is expelled from Behramgarh since then. Siya says she does not care what happened years ago, she brought an old hungry woman home to feed her. Suhaagans oppose and say they will not have food with a widow, even god will be angry on Siya if she does so. Siya says her mother is not so cruel to get angry for feeding a hungry woman. Mohini eagerly waits for Kubharja to curse. Suhaagans says she has to choose between them and Kubharja. Siya says she wants them to feed themselves and go happily from here, but when they don’t have to, they can walk away. Women walk away.

Siya washes Kubharja’s feet and asks what is her name. Kubharja gets emtional and says everyone call her Kubharja since ages, even she forgot her name. Siya asks again. Kubharja says her name is Poonam. Siya calls her Poonam maa. Kubharja gets more emotional. Mohini gets tensed that Kubharja instead of cursing Siya is getting emotional. Siya asks Mohini to bring thali. Mohini opposes. Siya warns to obey her order. Mohhini gets thali. Siya feeds food to Kubharja from her hands and says she is happy to serve her. Dadimaa tells Dayimaa that this is her bahu, nothing wrong will happen till she is here. After finishing food, Kubharja tells Dayimaa that she is lucky to have such a nice bahu, until Siya is there, they are all safe, and confesses that she came to curse here, but seeing Siya’s kind heart, she wants to bless her. She blesses Siya to be suhaagan forever. Mohini stands more jealous. Kubharja murmurs Siya that goodness is fine, but sometimes it gets trouble, she should be careful from people around her. She picks her gift and walks away.

Dadimaaa praises Siya that she is proud of her. Dayimaa asks how will she complete ritual now. Devimaa disguised as a small girl enters calling Siya as didi. Mohini feels burn marks on her hand and waist with devi maa near her. Siya walks to her and says she has seen her somewhere. Girl says must be in her dreams and says guard told food is served her, can she get food. Siya says why not. Girl asks if she can invite her friends. Siya says yes. Girl calls all other devi’s, Lakshmi, Gowri, etc. All devis disguised as girls run in. Kubharja sees them and realizes they are devis. Siya feeds all girls. Devimaa blesses her to be saubhagyavati bhava/suhaagan forever. Siya asks if they will come again. They say yes and walk away. Siya hears guards discussing and asks what is is happening. Guards say they did not see these girls before. Dayimaa says even she did not, they must be from other village.

Siya reminisces seeing same girl in her dreams and happily runs towards temple door, sees devimaa’s red stained steps on temple steps. Dayimaa and Dadimaa walk to her and ask why did she ran so hurriedly. Siya says she told them that Devimaa came in her dreams, today Devimaa herself came to have her prepared food, her ritual is complete now. They are also surprised seeing footsteps. Mohini reaches Kubharja and punishes her for blessing Siya instead of cursing her. Kubharja says chudail cannot harm Siya as Siya is modern day Sati. Mohini continues torturing her and finally kills her by gulping her like a mummy. She then shouts that nobody can stop her from getting her Rana saa, she waited for 500 years and nobody can snatch her Rana saa from her including Sautan.

Siya returns to haveli and tells Dadimaa and Dayimaa she will check Ram once. Dadimaa asks her to have food first. Siya says she cannot before assuring that Ram is fine. Ishq Subhan Allah serial’s Zara enters and tells Siya she should not ignore herself. Siya happily hugs her. Zara says she brought a solution for her worries and shows her Peer Baba’s Dargah’s taweez and seeks Dadimaa’s permission to tie it on Siya’s shoulder. Dadimaa permits. Siya says all gods are one, be it Devimaa or Allah. Zara ties taweez on her shoulder and says Ram will be fine soon. Siya god will protect Ram.

At night, Siya getting ready for havan walks to the venue with family. She meets Mahaguru Chandrakanth and takes his blessings. Dayimaa says Rajguru informed he will perform pooja. Mahaguru congratulates Siya for organizing such a pious pooja. Ram possessed by Mohini growls in room and tries to break chains. Siya says god will help them. Mohini provokes Ram to break his chains and spoil Siya’s pooja. Kalyani enters, and Siya happily hugs her. Kalyani asks how is she. Siya says fine and feels good seeing her here. Kalyani says today is makar sanktranti where women share kumkum and other pooja suhagan items, she gifts Ganapti’s idol to Siya and says Maharastrians believe in Dagdusheth ganapati a lot. Siya establishes Ganapati’s idol.

Mohini on the other side asks Ram to break chains and spoil pooja, it is getting late. Ghagra paltan team asks how will she do that. Mohini says she will take Ram from here and will control his 5th sense, then Ram will be hers forever. She says Siya’s gods are stones and are powerless. Once pooja starts. Mohin and her team feel severe pain and plead Ram to break chains and stop pooja. Ram uses his powers and breaks chains. Mohini gets happy.

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