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Curse of the Sands 30 September 2021: Amar boasts to Ananya that his brother dearly loves him. Rahul and Ketki watch this. Ananya comes to the kitchen, disturbed by Amar. Amar comes there and says Ananya prepared the sweet with all the love, but Shiv couldn’t eat it. Ananya replies it’s alright, she will prepare it once again. She minds Amar to call her Bhabhi, Amar smirks saying they aren’t yet married. Ananya forbids him. Amar promises to be cautious now.

Ananya comes to Shiv’s room. He notices she was upset. Ananya says it’s now time, she needs to speak to him. Shiv agrees on how long this gap will persist. He says he will call the carpenter tomorrow and fix the gap in the window. Ananya was annoyed over Shiv for not understanding. She clutches his collar and says she wants to marry him right away. They can no longer linger it on.

Amar comes downstairs. Ketki stops his way and offers ice cream. He looks away and denies having any. Ketki comments that he had a tasty sweet just now. Amar turns to walk away. Ketki offers her any help to get his love. She advises him to reach them both at the right time, else he would be left all alone just like her.

Sunanda speaks to a black puppet and speaks to it as Dai Maa. She says she got two grandsons mad for one girl. But Dai Maa isn’t here to bless any one of them. She is here to keep a hand over them. She laughs devilishly. Mishra Ji wakes up frightened by the laughter.

Amar knocks at the door of Shiv’s room. Anaya turns to see he had already come inside. Shiv was shy and stands up. Amar says at least they can wait for their wedding. Shiv assures there is nothing wrong. Ananya says they are aware of their limits, and once they have married tomorrow. Amar interrupts and asks if they are marrying tomorrow? This can’t happen. It’s ManMaas, and the time isn’t right for a wedding. Ananya says when two lovers have decided to unite then nothing can stop them. Ananya confirms Shiv if they are marrying tomorrow. Shiv wonders what he must reply, they can neither unite nor can he live away from her. Shiv politely says he can’t marry in a hurry. They must decide once Dai Maa is back. Amar insists they will have to wait for Dai Maa and smirks at Ananya victoriously. Ananya moves ahead to kiss Shiv’s cheek and forehead, who was startled at her act. Amar irked. Ananya walks out of the room, wishing Amar Good night as well.

Later at night, Shiv comes upstairs to find Ananya standing there, lost in deep thought. He comes to speak to her but Ananya’s hand falls over the cactus. Shiv spots the blood on her hand and his eyes flash black at once. He pushes her hand over the cactus plant, laughing in joy over her scream and pain. His nails were elongated, teeth grew larger. Ananya falls on the floor, fainted. Shiv enjoys drinking her blood. With a jerk, Shiv backs up and realizes it was only a daydream.

Amar comes to Shiv and says Ananya is a good girl, why he isn’t ready to marry her. Shiv says he is aware of her love for him, he would prefer dying than to hurt her. He doesn’t want their love defeated in hands of fate. He is a son of a witch and a human, he can suppress his devilish powers but can never get rid of them completely. Amar was happy about this, then comes to hug Shiv. He thinks when the hero is backing up, the villain can easily take the heroine.

Ananya was asleep when something hits her head from the window. She was upset and doesn’t move from her place. She was hit again, looks towards the window but no one was there. She sits up wondering what if Shiv has left because of her attitude. She goes out of the room, happily looking around for Shiv, and spots a shadow on the floor. She follows the shadow leading her into the storeroom. She comes to hug him from behind and says she knew he would agree to marry her. it was Amar, not Shiv. Ananya soon realizes this and backs up.

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