Curse of the Sands 1 June 2021: Ram throws Siya in air and she falls far away shouting.. Dayimaa and Dadimaa rush to Siya. Invisbile Mohini standing behind Ram says he did right, now he should wipe away all holy threads and salt from around haveli. Ram walks towards door. Vivian tries to stop him.

Ram throws away even him. Mallika reacts and yells how dare poor’s prince is to harm her son. Ram lifts her by neck. Everyone stand shocked and shout to leave Mallika. Mohini orders him to spare Mallika as she is of no use to them. Ram throws her down and walks towards door when Dayimaa orders guards to stop Ram. Many guards hold Ram, but Ram easily overpowers them and walks out of house. Mohini orders him to remove holy trishuls, threads and salt around haveli. Ram removes trishul and holy threads and salt line. Dayimaa pleads him to stop, she will not let him do this injustice. Ram jumps and slaps her and she falls down writhing in pain. Ram shouts if she is so daring to stop him.

Dayimaa wakes up and tries to stop him again. He picks trishul and tries to stab her, but Siya holds trishul. Aygiri Nandini..shlokas play in the background. She snatches trishul and keeping it aside gives Ram a tight slap. Mohini feels that slap. Siya holds Ram’s collar and confronts how dare he is to harm Dayimaa, if he has gone mad, look into her eyes. Mohini pleads not to look into Sautan’s eyes, else she will lose all control on him. Siya continues confronting Ram and forcefully looks into his eyes. Ram’s black magic breaks and he collapses.

Ram is laid on his bed. Siya confronts Dayimaa that they they did a lot of truth from her, she will not leave Ram here and will take him from here. Dayimaa says she cannot do that. Siya says Ram is possessed by evil, he was speaking in local language and dared to hit women, else Ram respects women and cannot think of even touch them.

Ghagra paltan team treats fingerprints on Mohini’s cheek and ask if a common human is so powerful that Siya injured chudail. Mohini says once she controls Ram’s all 5 senses, even Siya cannot do anything. She will control Ram’s senses after 2 days when sun will raise from opposite direction. Her doll mimics same.

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