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Curse of the Sands update Tuesday 14th September 2021: Curse of the Sands 14 September 2021 Mann denies having food from Siya’s hand and calls Gopika. Gopika says let her feed Mann. Siya says Mann is her son and she will feed him. Gopika forcefully sends her away and praising Mann for his daring act tries to feed him. Mann pushes her hand away and punishes her with his evil powers. Gopika says they have many enemies to fight and if he troubles his mother, how will they win. Mann calms down and says she is right, lifts her up, and hugs her. Mallika packs her bags hurriedly thinking she has to leave before Gopika troubles her. Gopika enters the opening door and Mann follows her from behind and via his evil powers makes her dance to their tunes. 

Gopika warns her to dare not reveal their secret to anyone or else be ready to die. They both walk away smirking. Mallika collapses. Siya sees them mingling too well and thinks looks like they are dependent on each other. She walks to Mann’s room, but Mann arrogantly warns her to get out. She then walks to Ram and expresses her concern with teary eyes. Ram consoles her.

At night, Siya is asleep with Ram when she hears a sound outside. She opens the door and sees Mann walking, so she follows him silently. Mann meets Gopika who asks if he is not getting sleep and takes him into her room. Siya rushes to Ram and waking him up says Mann is in Gopika’s room. Ram asks her to relax. Siya says Gopika calls Mann as her son and is influencing Mann. She takes Ram to Gopika’s room. Gopika acts as asleep Siya pulls the bedsheet and without looking at the bed asks Ram if he saw Mann now. Ram asks where is Mann. Gopika wakes up and asks why she is doubting her so much. Ram scolds Siya and takes her away. Gopika sees Mann sitting on the cupboard and remembers hearing Siya’s voice and hiding Mann on the cupboard.

Siya takes Ram to Mann’s room and tells Ram a small child cannot sleep locking his room, she is sure something is wrong. Ram says Mann is disturbed after losing his friend Mansi and takes her away from there. Gopika hearing their conversation laughs and pampers Mann. Mann pushes her hand and angrily says rasgulla/Siya is very good. Gopika brainwashes him that Siya is evil and troubled her. He angrily calls rasgulla. Siya hears his voice and searches him, sees him on her bed, lifts bedsheet and is shocked to see blood on Mann’s mouth and evil eyes. Mann holds her throat and strangulates her.

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