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Curse of the Sands update Tuesday 18th May 2021 Ram’s blood falls on Mohini’s forehead. Mohini says sautan got only Ranasaa’s name’s sindhoor, but she got Ranasaa’s blood as sindhoor which is more darker than sindhoor. Dayimaa calls her. She appears behind Dayimaa yelling this old goose does not have any work. Dayimaa turns and is shocked to see her behind, scolds to finish pending household chores and stop acting as princess.

Mohini says she finished everything. Dayimaa asks her to get items to Kunwarrani saa ready for rituals. Mohini says okay and disappears. She tghen reaches woman maidwho gets Kunwarrani saa/Siya ready and asks her to get her also ready. Maid says she gets only queens and princess ready and not maids. Siya hypnotizes her with her black magic and asks if she will get her ready or not.

Siya looks at Ram’s injured hand and says he hurt himself seeing her in pain, they are united not only by body but also by soul, she may go from his house, but not his heart. Ram asks her to stop her filmy dialogues. She shuts his mouth with band-aid and their bracelets lock. She asks what will he do now. He breaks bracelet and says it is broken now, she does not have any place in his heart and he will not come to break her karvachauth fast tonight. He throws bracelet in front of her and walks away, leaving her sad.

Hynotised maid gets Mohini ready. Mohini asks if she is looking very beautiful, Siya cannot be more beautiful than her. Maid tries to leave. Mohini sees bag in her hand and asks if she is carrying piece of her beauty for her sautan, snatches bag, and picks whats in it. She sees salt and shouts feelings it burning her hand. Maid’s hypnotism breaks and she runs to Dayimaa and informs her that Mohini is the chudail whom she is searching and she is in this house. Dayimaa says she will protect her first from Mohini and takes her along. Maid says this salt cannot harm Mohini, she has to do something more strong.

Dayimaa says she is right and turns into Mohini. Maid stands shocked and tries to run. Mohini catches her neck extending her long hand and says she is 500-year-old beauty and more than beautiful than her. She snatches maid’s jewelry shouting she spent 500 years for Ranasaa and has returned to get Ranasaa. She strangulates maid with her hair and hangs her in air. Maid suffocates and dies.

Dayimaa searches Mohini, Jalebi, and Sunaina maids to get Siya ready. Mohini appears behind and says yes. Dayimaa gets afraid seeing her suddenly and scolds she asked to get Kunwar rani saa ready and not herself, asks where is Sunainaa. Mohini reminisces killing Sunainaa. Sunaina’s ghost enters and says she had gone to get Kunar rani saa’s clothes. Dayimaa asks to go and get Kunwar rani saa fast as moon may be sighted anytime.

Dadimaa scolds Ram that moon has emerged long ago and Siya is hungry, waiting for him, he should go and break her fast. Ram says he has already informed that he does not care about Siya and is divorcing her. Dadimaa says Siya does not need his favor at all, he is the one who needs her to protect himself. Sai waits for Ram in open area. Ram walks down and seeing her waiting for him offers water to her. It is Mohini disguised in Siya’s clothes. Ram is about to feed her water when he hears Siya’s voice that he came at last. He turns and is shocked to see her. Mohini disappears. Siya walks to Ram, and Ram collapses in shock. Siya feeds him water. He wakes up and stands shocked. Siya says he did not feed her breakfast, but now broke her fast and followed ritual, nobody can separate them.

Mohini coughs up blood and shouts Ranasaa did not do right, she waited for him for 500 years, but he brought sautan and broke her karvachauth fast instead, she will have to breakfast herself as usual like she is doing since years. She continues and drinks blood from her urn. Jalebi passes by and is shocked to see a woman drinking blood and runs to Dayimaa calling her. Mohini hears her and blood disappears from her. Mohini informs Dayimaa that she saw a woman drinking blood. Dadimaa and stepmom join them. Jalebi takes them to spot, but does not find any woman or blood there. Dayimaa asks Dadimaa not to worry as Jalebi imagines weird things. Once they leave, Dayimaa says she saw blood already on floor and did not want Dadimaa to panic, so she acted normal.

Dayimaa calls Guruji to find out who is chudail and why she is drinking blood. Guruji starts pooja. Mohini gets trapped between fire and shouts.

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