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Curse of the Sands 24 August 2021: Siya wakes up hurriedly in the morning thinking of her routine and taking care of Mann. Ram walks to her and wishes them good morning. Their romantic NOK jhok starts. Dayimaa walks in and Sia nervously tries to leave. Dayimaa asks where is she going. 

[Zee world] Curse of the Sands update Tuesday 24 August 2021

Siya says to take care of Mann. Dayimaa says Ram has agreed to accept Mann. Siya gets happy. Ram nods yes. Dayimaa says Ram is sending Mann to boarding school. Ram asks Dayimaa to make arrangements to send Mann as people would be coming to pick him. Dayimaa leaves. Ram asks Siya if he did right. Siya shouts how can he send a small kid away to stay alone.

Poojari with his disciple reaches hospital and searches for Dr. Shekhawat. Peon says the doctor is not seeing since last night after he did Ram and a boy’s DNA test and it came positive. Poojari searches lab and reaches there.

Dayimaa gets Mann ready and drags him to hand him over to boarding school personnel, but Mann resists. Siya walks and hugs him and warns Dayimaa to stay away from Mann. Ram asks if sheis sending Dayimaa away for a stranger boy, he cannot tolerate Mann in this house and he has to go.

Siya with her usual overacting shouts she Siya Singh Sisodia is accepting Mann as her foster son and will bring him up. She takes Mann to his room and asks if he is fine. He acts as afraid. Dayimaa walks in and says she will take care of Mann as she is the foster mother of the Sisodia family. Mann resists and falls down. Siya shouts at Dayimaa again and asks her to stay away from Mann.

Dayimaa walks to Ram and says if Siya continues like this, how will they get Sosodia family’s hair. Ram says he will speak to her. He walks to Siya and says he cannot let anyone come between them, not even Mann. Jhumri and Maya says they will take care of Mann and Dayimaa asks her to go out and enjoy with Ram. Ram says let us go on a date and nobody should come between them.

Poojari chants mantras on gangajal and sprinkles them in the lab to find Mann’s blood. They see boiling blood in test tube. Disciple tries to pick it, but Poojari stops him saying if he touches it with bare hands, he will burn. He picks a test tube with holy cloth and thinks how can Ram be this evil boy’s father. Disciple says maybe Ram is also evil. Poojari says Ram is god friendly and he will find out secret behind this evil boy.

Siya thinks Mann is with unknown people, so she will go and check. Dayimaa walks to her and asks her to relax as Mann is in safe hands and she should spend more time with Ram, else Behram will not get their heir soon. Siya walks away shyly. Dayimaa thinks she has sent her trusted aide Shanti to know who Mann is and what is his motto. Shanti frightens Mann and asks him to tell who is he and why did he come here. Mann throws a scorpion from his mouth and asks if she wants lizards also.

Shanti runs away afraid. Dayimaa informs Siya that Mann did something that Shanti ran away. Siya walks to Mann and sees him having chocolate, takes him to his room. Shanti hiding behind pillar thinks she cannot disappoint Dayimaa and should inform her that Mann will harm Ram and Siya. Mann emerges in front of her and smiles at a shadow behind her. Shadow gulps Shanti, leaving her watch. A man picks her watch.

Poojari with his aide reaches the temple holding Mann’s blood. Blood drop falls on earth and the earth shakes. Aide apologizes for spoiling the temple’s purity. Poojari says evil cannot spoil the temple’s purity and no evil can withstand in front of god, they will find out the way to end evil children with his own blood. Ram returns home.

Dayimaa informs him the whole incident happened and how wicked Mann is. Ram says he has given up and compromised, even she should compromise and accept Mann in this house. Dayimaa thinks he gave up on his wife’s love, but she will find out Mann’s secret as he has evil powers, reminiscing events, and she will find out soon by sending him away from Siya.

Siya plays with Mann. Dayimaa clicks their pic from the window, Siya notices that. She thinks Siya should be smiling always and for that Mann has to go away from her. Ram walks in when Mann clashes with him and apologizes. Siya asks him not to be afraid of Ram. Ram says yes. Siya asks Mann to kiss Mann. Ram angrily asks what. She signals him. Mann kisses and hugs Ram and shows his evil red eyes. Dayimaa hires goons and orders them to drop Mann far away from Behramgarh.

Goon says she will be in trouble if they fail. She asks not to worry about her, they will get huge money if they complete their task. They agree and walk away. Poojari does pooja on Mann’s blood which turns blue. Aide asks what is it now. Poojari asks to put his finger in it, and he hesitantly does and nothing happens to him. Poojari says this poison can burn only evil and God gave them this gift to finish evil boy. Goons enter the palace, search for Mann and find him sleeping with Siya. Dayimaa orders them to go and take Mann away and thinks once he goes out of their lives, she will convince Siya to have her own baby.

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